Powhida Soars to the Rumble Victory

Photographic Evidence

Rumble's End: 4/22/11
at TT the Bears Place

The Crown goes to John Powhida International Airport

Soul So Tight (w/ Andrea Gillis)

The Return of the Rock 'n' Roll Rumble - perhaps the best regional battle of the bands in the United States - clearly meant a great deal to the sellout audiences at TT the Bears in Cambridge. It has been two years since the city has last seen the contest run and you could tell by the looks on the faces (and the bar tabs) that Boston and Cambridge were rejoiced to see the annual epic event back on its feet. The evening was won by John Powhida International Airport.

Powhida, who was in the finals some five years ago with his old band, The Rudds, got the job done on Friday night - sealing up the strongest tournament by any band. (OldJack - in this writer's eyes, may have actually had a stronger final night. Spirit Kid were undeniably tighter and tougher to beat in each round and were making strong headway, reminding that what the audience's and judges saw was subjective and much - if not all - was just brilliant.) And in that regard, awarding just one winner is impossibly difficult and truly unfair. But, as they say, there can be only one...

With the win by Powhida and the Airport, the beer-soaked frontman took the crown worn by Jason Dunn of The Luxury - who won the prize in 2009. Powhida's stage mannerisms and strong-front man charisma were keys to victory but so were the inspired play by his band. While the judges votes were tallied, another key Rumble tradition - the special guest band, played for a capacity audience. This year Rumble curator Anngelle Wood tapped The Shods to entertain - and that they did. The Rumble finalists from 1999 helped steer the night's attention, rightfully, from it's battleground setting to a celebration of past, present, and future of the Boston Scene. Mission Accomplished. And for another year, a job well done.

John Powhida International Airport at the '11 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble Finals

John Powhida International Airport
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