Monday, September 30, 2013

Lake Street Dive

Photographic Evidence
By Ian Perz

Life is good 2013


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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hall & Oates at Life is good

Photographic Evidence
By Ian Perz

Life is good 2013


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Friday, September 27, 2013

Dawes at Life is good 2013

Photographic Evidence
By Ian Perz

Life is good 2013


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thao Nguyen and The Get Down Stay Down

Photographic Evidence
By Ian Perz

Life is good 2013

A Best of 2013 Artist Selection 


Oct 04 - Austin,TX
Austin City Limits
Oct 06 - Santa Monica, CA
Way Over Yonder
Oct 11 - Austin, TX
Austin City Limits
Oct 17 - San Francisco, CA
California Academy of Science
Treasure Island Festival Pre-party
Oct 18 - Milwaukee, WI
Riverside Theatre supporting Neko Case
Oct 19 - Columbus, OH
Newport Music Hall supporting Neko Case
Oct 20 - Louisville, KY
Oct 21 - Asheville, NC
Orange Peel w/ The Head and The Heart
Oct 22 - St Louis, MO
The Pageant  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 24 - Indianapolis, IN
Egyptian Room  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 25 - Chicago, IL
Riviera Theatre  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 26 - Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 27 - Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 28 - Madison, WI
Orpheum Theatre  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 29 - Royal Oak, MI
Royal Oak Music Theatre  w/  The Head and The Heart
Oct 31 - Toronto, Canada
The Danforth Music Hall  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 01 - Boston, MA Sold Out
Royale  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 02 - Boston, MA Sold Out
Royale  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 04 - Washington, DC
9:30 Club  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 05 - New York, NY
Terminal 5  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 06 - New York, NY
Webster Hall  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 08 - Philadelphia, PA
Union Transfer  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 09- Philadelphia, PA
Union Transfer  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 10- Raleigh, NC
The Ritz Theatre  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 12- Atlanta, GA
Buckhead Theatre  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 13 - New Orleans, LA
Tipatina's  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 14 - Houston, TX
Warehouse Live  w/  The Head and The Heart
Nov 17 - Dec 13
EU Dates with Lumineers!

Thao Nguyen and The Get Down Stay Down 
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Roots

Photographic Evidence
By Ian Perz

Life is good 2013


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guillermo Sexo - Dark Spring


In the swelling world of psych rock and atmospheric pop, it's easy to lose track of who is who. Dark Spring (out today via Midriff Records) is the 5th record from Boston's GUILLERMO SEXO, and in many ways it's their finest work to date. This was already a band to know. Dark Spring's 11 diverse songs are a story in restraint. This is a complete record - a lost art in 2013 - and - whether each of this record's songs are a homage to a specific human emotion is a mere fact, a happy accident from the studio or due to some devious effort by it's designers, this is a patchwork quilt that works. Produced and recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur JR, Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore, Speedy Ortiz) and released on a label that knows how to do underground and fuzz rock, this one isn't one to be taken lightly.

Guillermo Sexo is Reuben Bettsak, Noell Dorsey, Ryan Connelly and Elliott Anderson. The band opens up the salvo doors on Fall Lens, it's full of buzzing guitars and heavy distortion. On Coyote, a late track on the record, the band channels Brian Jonestown Massacre and Deftones before collapsing into post-coital sleep. The rest of the record (to varying degrees) is the band building up, or tearing down, from those two points. And for me, that's where this record works best. Balboa for instance is floating on an emotional plane - out above the cold, wet ground but well below exhilaration. Repetition of notes, harmonic drone and plodding drums all lead us into another state. It's one of the best songs here for sure. The song stays close to pain but never enters it. It flies close to the sun, but never gets so hot that the wax melts off their wings. Pretty brilliant..

Another favorite, Shadowfax, is the record's closer. It's a gorgeous little 'recovery song' after a series of songs that challenge listeners (repeatedly) to both get up and, at the same time, to sit down! Shadowfax is a song written by psych rock kids in a moment of clarity. When Reuben Bettsak talks about opening your eyes and realizing the consequences.. You'll end up seeing what he does. It's a plea for recognition and it's a hope there's promise for tomorrow.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Augustines - Cruel City

THE BACK STORY - For the last two years, the music made by We Are Augustines has proved to be amongst the most charismatic and dominant sounds coming out of indie rock. In 2011, Eric Sanderson and Billy McCarthy (formerly of Pela) formed the band. They soon after added skilled British drummer Rob Allen. In 2011, We Are Augustines released their debut album and it was the record of the year. The story of their sudden rise to the top is told here.

photos by David Kepner

A NAME CHANGE - Most of the public were unaware, but just prior to the release of "Rise Ye Sunken Ships," the band were called Augustines. But when upstart artists come against established acts with the same name (no matter their size, quality or prominence) the established act and their attorneys generally win. So "We Are Augustines" were born. Short story long, the band can have their name back. And with the name change for Augustines comes the news that a new album is in the wings (soon to be shared with the world). This is the first single. And if it's any signal of what is to come, we have much to look forward to!

Dates with Frightened Rabbit

24 SEP Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
25 SEP Calgary, Alberta, CAN
26 SEP Spokane, WA
27 SEP Boise, ID
28 SEP Sacramento, CA
30 SEP San Francisco, CA
01 OCT Los Angeles, CA
03 OCT Pomona, CA
04 OCT Tempe, AZ
05 OCT Santa Fe, NM
06 OCT Tulsa, OK
07 OCT Dallas, TX
09 OCT Athens, GA
10 OCT Jacksonville, FL
11 OCT Ft Lauderdale, FL
12 OCT Orlando, FL
14 OCT Charlottesville, VA
15 OCT Columbus, OH
17 OCT Toronto, CAN
18 OCT London, ONT
19 OCT Rochester, NY
21 OCT Boston, MA
22 OCT Boston, MA
24 OCT New York, NY
25 OCT New York, NY
26 OCT Asbury Park, NJ
27 OCT Philadelphia, PA
29 OCT Washington, DC
29 OCT Washington, DC

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Every Morning by Gentlemen Hall

NEW IN VIDEO - Every Morning is the GENTLEMEN HALL'S introspective look at the stresses and strains of adult living these days. We fall into our beds and hope to sleep but rise again only to repeat the day. It's a pattern well spelled out in Tom Megalis' music video in which clay and multi-media become life. Megalis uses a clever tongue-in-cheek visual metaphor by making the protagonist eat the things that are consuming him with stress. The results, predictably, are not good for our hero. Lamenting the stress and strain of the normal and usual has been done before, but with the song marks a step forward in Gentlemen Hall's songwriting. The video, the song and the music are a nice surprise. But you might want to wait to watch it until you get home - after work..

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Midnite On Pearl Beach


"Modern Gods"

If I look into your crystal ball can I break the glass and see it all?
And sing modern songs, so different from the rest
If I chew the fat until its soft could I meet the gods on the mountain top?
And sing modern songs, the ones that sing themselves
Yeah, I'd sing modern songs, so different from the rest
Modern Gods and modern names, modern talk and modern games
Don't think much, just stand in line, much too brash for life in modern times
If I wore a suit lined with gold and jewels could I be the man who makes all the rules?
And sings modern songs, so different from the rest
Yeah I'd sing modern songs, the ones that sings themselves
Modern talk and modern minds, modern fools in modern times
Don't think much just stand in line, much too brash for life in modern times

Louisiana native Justin Jahnke grew up heavily interested in blues and southern rock (the music he played in his youth) but found himself living in Chicago without a band. He began writing the songs last year that would propel him forward. Founding a sound under the name Midnite On Pearl Beach and forming a band that would allow him to express his many musical passions, Jahnke has embarked on a new journey.

Midnite On Pearl Beach is both immediately recognizable but clearly something new. Arresting on first listen, I found myself turning up the volume and enjoying each nuance of the songs. The songs from Lamplighter were born in a Chicago studio, where Jahnke's influences (and their odd marriage in his soul) were allowed to come out and play: “Writing and recording Lamplighter sort of rekindled my love for making music. It was easy and fun to make. To my ears the songs are lush, gritty, dynamic, soulful, hazy, mysterious and deep, all the parts of my nature I express through music,” says Jahnke.

The song is over before you know it and I found myself listening several times. That's partially because of Midnite On Pearl Beach's allure and it speaks to the hunger for understanding Jahnke wrote into the songs. Endless wonder wait. Check out the record. This is definitely One To Watch on the long road ahead! The upcoming Lamplighter record was co-produced, engineered and mixed by Jake Westermann, whose engineering credits include work on albums by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Iron and Wine, Gomez and Margot and the Nuclear So Sos.

Midnite On Pearl Beach is: Justin Jahnke (Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals) Mike Meske (Bass, Backing Vocals) Rusty “LaRue” Lee (Keyboards, Synths, Organs) Doug Gay (Drums, Percussion) Ryan Juravich (Drums, Percussion) and Jake Westermann (Soundcraft, Tones)

Midnite On Pearl Beach
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leftover Salmon

Photographic Evidence
by Ian Perz

The Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA - 9/14/13



Sep-18 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
Sep-19 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
Sep-20 Port Chester, NY – Capitol Theatre
Sep-21 North Adams, MA – Freshgrass Bluegrass Festival
Oct-29 Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge
Oct-30 Nashville, TN – Music City Roots
Oct-31 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
Nov-01 Charlotte, NC – Visulite Theatre
Nov-02 Wilmington, NC – Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
Nov-05 Charleston, SC – The Pour House
Nov-06 Charleston, SC – The Pour House
Nov-07 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
Nov-08 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
Nov-09 Richmond, VA – The National
Nov-10 Louisville, KY – Headliners Music Hall
Nov-12 Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark
Nov-13 Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s
Nov-14 Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre
Nov-15 Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre
Nov-17 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Memories from the JP Music Festival

Photographic Evidence
by Hannah Cohen 

Editorial and Documentary photographer
based in Boston -

THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN RETURNS FOR A THIRD YEAR - A couple of things came to mind as I approached the Pine Banks Hill for the JP Music Festival. The first was what a stunningly beautiful day it was and the next was how far this little, root-orientated, not-for-profit, self-starter of a music festival had come in just three years. The field and hill were loaded with people. Families who wanted to attend a free show with some of Boston's brightest musicians on a sunny day - and community members of all sorts who were there to cheer on friends and neighbors and to have a ice cream in the sun. A lot of music (continuous music for hours and hours) and the groundwork has been laid for the strongest and most promising of futures!

2013 Acts included: Lowman, Red Dog, Allison Francis, Afro D All Starz, Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, Peter Sykes, Hobo Chili, Coyote Kolb, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Merrie Amsterburg, Rick Berlin with the Nickel and Dime Band, The Long Woods, Bethel A.M.E. Praise & Worship Team, Lars Vegas, Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Tallahassee, Kim Mayo, The Grownup Noise, Streight Angular and The Macrotones.

This year was their best ever!
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Four Nights to CRASH SAFELY

Kicking off tonight - CRASH SAFELY is back with four nights of live music over the next two weeks. The Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser allows locals to play a part in the fight against the debilitating disease while seeing some of the best local music.

The Crash Safely event is a labor of love. Crash Safely was created by musician Amanda Nichols, former writer for The Noise, Boston's Weekly Dig, YourFlesh Magazine and Chunklet Magazine, Pete Hayes of The Figgs with support from Nick Blakey, Boston musician and booking agent. Both Nichols and Hayes were diagnosed with MS in 2008 and everyone involved with the project has had their life impacted in some way by the disease - which currently has no cure.

The community of support that has formed around Nichols and Hayes - and have helped play a part in the Crash Safely cause - has been inspiring. This is a cause worth caring about!

The events are taking place at the following dates and venues:
TONIGHT - Oberon (Harvard Square) Cambridge, MA: Friday, September 13th
TOMORROW - Davis Square Theatre (Davis Square) Somerville, MA: Saturday, September 14th
• Midway Café (Jamaica Plain) Boston, MA: Friday, September 20th
• Midway Café (Jamaica Plain) Boston, MA: Saturday, September 21st

Crash Safely Night #1: TONIGHT at OBERON 18+, $15
• DJ/VJ Craig MacNeil of Videodrome Discotheque
• The Upper Crust
• John Powhida International Airport
• Parlour Bells

Crash Safely Night #2  9/14/13 at the Davis Square Theatre 21+, $12.00
• The Nickel & Dime Band
• Township
• The Duckbills (featuring members of the Figgs)
• Mount Peru
• Tsunami of Sound

Crash Safely Night #3  9/20/13 at the Midway Café, 21+, $10
• Titanics
• Corin Ashley
• The Unholy III
• The Phil Aiken Army
• Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One

Crash Safely Night #4  9/21/13 at the Midway Café, 21+, $10
• Sidewalk Driver
• Gene Dante and The Future Starlets
• My Own Worst Enemy
• The I Want You
• Cotton Candy

Find Out More:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Writing A Novel by Father John Misty


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The Civil Wars - Dust To Dust


there are currently no upcoming tour dates

The Civil Wars
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Video: Live in Boston

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Phosphorescent - Terror In The Canyons

Terror In The Canyons recorded live at Portland's opbmusic

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More: On Music Genius / Newport Folk Set

Monday, September 09, 2013

Boom Forest

John Paul Roney is what's next. Playing music as BOOM FOREST, you'll find folk driven by madness and love. With angelic vocals and dramatic use of distortion, driving drums and an odd, iconic etherea that's somehow oddly religious in feel - this one has got it ALL. Listen and then listen again..

Wisconsin's emerging as one of the most influential scenes today. Music that drives and inspires other artists. Boom Forest's contemporaries include: PHOX, Foreign Fields, Daniel & The Lion, Field Report and Bon Iver (amongst many, many others.) Roney played with Foreign Fields at last year's OUTLAW ROADSHOW in New York. Insider alert: There's a growing Wisconsin-Nashville scene developing. New music combos. Great collabs. Be warned, it's underway!

Boom Forest is the spiritual wailings of John Paul Roney from the automated woods of tomorrow.


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Mikael Jorgensen (WILCO) releases a new single with Graph Rabbit

From the Mailbag

So, here's the deal. I can't begin to listen to, digest or publish everything we receive. About once or twice a month in 2013, I'll open new mail - and so long as the stuff is potentially of interest to our music-crazed audiences, we'll publish it. It gives everyone - no matter who you are, what kind of music you make, no matter your budget, a chance to reach our audience.

A Story in Synthesizer - Though best known as the keyboardist for Wilco, MIKAEL JORGENSEN has spent nearly his whole life in and around recording studios. From age 7 following his father - a renown engineer - around the big studios in NYC to his tenure at Tortoise's John McEntire's SOMA Studios in Chicago, Jorgensen has become a repository of countless hours making meticulously crafted records with Wilco, Stereolab, Califone and many more.

Attention Due: On Oct 15, Jorgdensen's new record with collaborator Greg O'Keffe will be released on Butterscotch Records. Follow the link for all the details.

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Longwalls at TT the Bears Place!

THE LONGWALLS - Mining the edges of indie, country, and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American pop music—exploring ideas and ideals from pop and pulp alike. Their new album Kowloon tell a cautionary tale, warning against isolation. Their latest record explores loss, struggle, melancholia, and the feeling all of us have of sometimes just wanting to give up. The songs from Kowloon aren't meant to be bleak, focusing instead on how life goes on and the sun will shine again, no matter what.


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Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Best Music Videos from August 2013

August was a video-heavy month for sure. Here's a little of what we at RSL watched and some sounds you should be looking at..

Sure the guys in THE NATIONAL might make cool, mind-numbing and melancholy-invoking music, but they like to play in the pool just like everyone else. You have to love a band that can have a little fun and poke fun at their own art. "Graceless" comes from their latest album Trouble Will Find Me which we are positive will be at or near the top of many best-of lists this years. The video was directed by Sophia Peer and produced by Michelle Cameron.

All-Star sit down jam! Two contemporary movers and shakers in the Boston music scene: RUBY ROSE FOX and ENDATION's Anthony Conley got together to perform Dolly Parton's "Jolene" in studio. Thankfully Roger Metcalf was there to capture it. You will be hearing from both acts right here on RSL soon. Definitely two names to know!

This is probably my favorite video of the new lot this month. Meet Mississippi songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer DENT MAY. "Born Too Late" is a song from May's third record, Warm Blanket - an effort that combines the elements of pop songwriting, funk and soul into a really unique telling. Put that into a carnival setting and well - what you have is pretty marvelous.. Keep an eye on Dent May!

"Set Out To Discover" is the new song from the RUE ROYALE duo from Remedies Ahead, their new record out at the end of September. The video features the pair wandering through a strange house as lights flash through the windows, giving the video a haunting atmosphere, which works perfectly with the music. Named after a road running through the Chicago Suburbs, Rue Royale developed from member Ruth and Brookln’s transatlantic relationship. With Ruth being brought up on brit-pop and northern soul and Brookln on American folk and southern gospel the pair cite influences as Mark Kozelek, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Wilco and Air creating a contrasting array of threads in which Rue Royale can form their distinct tapestry. It's an atmospheric song and and atmospheric video - both of which I like.

Love these guys... MUY CANSADO give us a much-needed taste of unplugged attic pop here on "Acquaintances." The new record from the Boston band, definitely worth checking out, is Let It Go.

Directed by Tyler Kalberg and bassist Garrett Parker, the film noir-inspired clip for PICKWICK's new video, "Hacienda Motel" is a single from their latest album Can't Talk Medicine. The Seattle band is white hot and is on tour right now with Neko Case and Black Joe Lewis.

A David Lynch-like treatment here in the new BEAR LANGUAGE music video. The Boston upstarts have made a name for themselves by doing the unexpected in the live setting and leaving jaws on floors. A new band on the rise, it would not surprise me to see them go very far. This is their first music video. The new album is Rememory.

Rarely is a video and a song more accurate to its description. DREAMLAND's "Land & Sea" is a song filled with ethereal - a sunny day personified. The video, which we are being told is unofficial, depicts a girl using sign language to communicate the words to the song before a backdrop of stopped motorists. It's a beautiful juxtaposition..

RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS have been one of the best punk rock bands in America for years now. Today we share the Justin Wilson-directed video for "Heart Conditions" from the band's latest album, The Wolf You Feed record. The band is in the process of wrapping a West Coast tour. This latest effort is, in many ways, their best to date. Check out this record and watch for new tour dates this winter!

TONY MEMMEL's "Lucky Fin Song" is the most inspired video on our list this month. Memmel is a gifted and creative musician with only one hand. He's a sweetheart of a guy and - as you see here, he has a gift with working with others. The music helps these kids (as it does with all of us) find purpose and happiness. I am pretty sure watching this video every month could help make us better people

I love videos like this. Filmed by just two cameras in San Francisco over a couple of days, fusion artist TREE covers "Karma Police" by Radiohead. The Thom Yorke approved version of the song appears on the rapper-poet's debut EP, Demons, which was released by Apollo Records last month. The song was a year in the making and Tree even traveled from Santa Cruz to London to record some of the parts in the studio. He created the cover with a huge group of talented musicians including a string quartet. Tree is 20 years old.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Old Crow Medicine Show at Newport Folk

Photographic Evidence
by Ian Perz

7/26/13 - Fort Adams
Newport RI


Old Crow Medicine Show have learned they will be inducted into
 the Grande Old Opry on Tuesday, September 17th.
  Tickets are still available 

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Premiere: "Midwestern You" music video from Boston's The Susan Constant


Ryan's Smashing Life is honored to share the new music video for one of our favorite songs right now! Midwestern You from THE SUSAN CONSTANT is a personal anthem of sorts, the kind of song that transcends the boundaries between strangers and helps us make sense of the world today. The rise and fall - both lyrically and musically - perfectly match the slow marching of feet, as the listener (and the band) are driven forward. The song can be left somewhat open to interpretation but the video, by Director Kevin James, tells the story well. The protagonist trudges forward after a litany of mishaps and hardships befall him. Singer Paul Sennott silently struggles until he finds his place with friends - and his band. Music is his salvation.

The video is another exclamation point in an already exciting year for The Susan Constant, which includes being part of The Boston Phoenix Class of 2013 "Best New Bands in Boston", opening The Outlaw Roadshow at SXSW in March (where they received a three minute standing ovation), and playing dozens of shows throughout the region, the most recent of which marked the band's first performance Downstairs at the legendary Middle East Nightclub. And the year ahead looks even more promising.


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Monday, September 02, 2013

Bands I Want To See One More Time - GEORGIE JAMES


If You Could See One Great Band just one more time, which would it be?

 I have several names to add to that list and that's the spirit behind this music series. There are so many great bands and some go far too quickly but blazed a white hot trail... Washington DC's GEORGIE JAMES was John Davis (now of Title Tracks) and Laura Burhenn (now of The Mynabirds) and in 2007 they released one of the best pop records I have ever heard called "Places" under the name Georgie James. It was pretty much perfect and the music was just right. As luck would have it, they were one and done.

"Places" is one of my favorite records ever. And one you should definitely own...

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more to come!