Augustines - Cruel City

THE BACK STORY - For the last two years, the music made by We Are Augustines has proved to be amongst the most charismatic and dominant sounds coming out of indie rock. In 2011, Eric Sanderson and Billy McCarthy (formerly of Pela) formed the band. They soon after added skilled British drummer Rob Allen. In 2011, We Are Augustines released their debut album and it was the record of the year. The story of their sudden rise to the top is told here.

photos by David Kepner

A NAME CHANGE - Most of the public were unaware, but just prior to the release of "Rise Ye Sunken Ships," the band were called Augustines. But when upstart artists come against established acts with the same name (no matter their size, quality or prominence) the established act and their attorneys generally win. So "We Are Augustines" were born. Short story long, the band can have their name back. And with the name change for Augustines comes the news that a new album is in the wings (soon to be shared with the world). This is the first single. And if it's any signal of what is to come, we have much to look forward to!

Dates with Frightened Rabbit

24 SEP Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
25 SEP Calgary, Alberta, CAN
26 SEP Spokane, WA
27 SEP Boise, ID
28 SEP Sacramento, CA
30 SEP San Francisco, CA
01 OCT Los Angeles, CA
03 OCT Pomona, CA
04 OCT Tempe, AZ
05 OCT Santa Fe, NM
06 OCT Tulsa, OK
07 OCT Dallas, TX
09 OCT Athens, GA
10 OCT Jacksonville, FL
11 OCT Ft Lauderdale, FL
12 OCT Orlando, FL
14 OCT Charlottesville, VA
15 OCT Columbus, OH
17 OCT Toronto, CAN
18 OCT London, ONT
19 OCT Rochester, NY
21 OCT Boston, MA
22 OCT Boston, MA
24 OCT New York, NY
25 OCT New York, NY
26 OCT Asbury Park, NJ
27 OCT Philadelphia, PA
29 OCT Washington, DC
29 OCT Washington, DC

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