HALLOWEEN with The Hush Now

Halloween Harvest 2012

Spooky - The Hush Now's Barry Marino at Radio

The Hush Now have been one of New England's best bands for years. In the area of Holiday Single releases (Christmas/New Years/Halloween) they are literally unsurpassed. Each fall and winter season brings us a series of new targeted singles - each a bit stylistically better than the one prior. This year is no different!

"The chill is in the air again, the Pats are getting their footing and The Hush Now are heading back into the studio on Wednesday to start work on a new album. The newest Halloween tune is ready to hit the streets and we want to get this out to you. Hope all are well.

We've been holed up in our dungeon, but getting ready to embrace life again someday soon. Sincere apologies if I've been a ghost this past year. Hope to catch up with all of you soon. Best and I hope you and yours have a ghoulish Halloween."

- Noel Kelly, The Hush Now

SCARY GOOD STUFF: If you should have no other reason to know The Hush Now, it should be that for these great holiday songs: Christmas 2009, Halloween 2010, Christmas 2010, Halloween 2011, New Years 2012 and now Halloween again.

The Hush Now
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