Happy New Year, Dear

Thoughts on the Calendar's Turn
from One of New England's Very Best


The Hush Now have always been a bit of a musical enigma. A quirky, but talent-steeped Boston band that's proven to be hugely popular on tour have somehow remained relatively hidden from sight during this city's most recent round of music recognition. None of The Hush Now's accomplishments have been lost on us. Memos - the band's powerful new material, offers up their best poppy and twisted soul rock to date. The best work from one of the top regional talents in New England this year. In September, we named The Hush Now our Artist of the Month and you will soon see their record added to our Annual Best of List.

Enter the Holidays: If you should have no other reason to know The Hush Now, dear reader, it should be that they are possibly the best holiday single band in the Northeast. Possibly the best anywhere. Here are the examples: Christmas 2009, Halloween 2010, Christmas 2010, Halloween 2011 and now New Years 2012. This new one, "Happy New Year, Dear" is a bit more melancholy than the others but it's classic THN; emotion, quirky grace and just beautiful. Get to know this band. [I recommend you check all of the links above - editor.]

A BEST OF 2011 SELECTION - "Memos"
produced by Boston producer Benny Grotto

The Hush Now - Arkansas

The Hush Now
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mediaseth said…
Thanks. Going to work them into my set at Gulu in Salem Friday!

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