Filligar Live at the Middle East

STILL ROCKING LOUD - Chicago's Filligar are one of the few young acts on our Best of Live Acts list and it's with good reason.* This fearless foursome have already accomplished more than most ever will and they are clearly still on the ascent. It was their ability to rise to the occassion that won them a spot on this summer's Outlaw Roadshow tour with Counting Crows, Good Old War and Foreign Fields.  [VIDEO] And they have made the most of the opportunity!  (*editor's note: the 2012 Live List is coming!)

Already posessing a loyal following before the tour, Filligar augmented their fan base with each successful set in towns across America.

In the weeks that followed, Filligar recorded a new album (an upcoming release with perhaps their strongest material to date) in California. What's left? Filligar has made a commitment to going back in to their early discography (songs they wrote and performed successfully as "kids" back in the years 2005-2008), polishing them off and performing them live.

FILLIGAR LIVE AT THE MIDDLE EAST - I caught the band live this past weekend and, once again, they did not disappoint. Great human beings making exceptional live music for enthusiastic fans. The band wants you to have this bootleg recording from the show. This one hasn't been played live in years and it's never sounded better!
Live Recording 10/6/12
The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
One of the Best Live Acts in America

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Tracy said…
OMG! That is sooo awesome!!! Thanks Ryan. You're the best.

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