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ONE TO WATCH - It's been more than a year now since we first heard the New Collisions bring the modern new-wave pop on their Invisible Embraces EP. The buzz around them still grows. Having toured with the likes of Blondie, B-52's, and appearing with countless others since their baptism by fire last year - the magma-hot New Collisions just released their debut full-length, appropriately titled; The Optimist. And with it, the album's first music video for a track called, "Dying Alone."

[editor's note: the intro to this track, interestingly, reminds me a great deal of Boston vintage band Big Dipper - think it's very cool.]

About the video: Dying Alone was filmed guerrilla style on the streets of NYC by director Andrew Nisinson. You will see the New Collisions appearing to perform at normal speed, while one break dancer and thousands of unsuspecting NYC residents buzz about in the foreground and background. Over seven nights, the band went to the busiest areas of Manhattan and performed the song in slow motion. When the footage is sped up, the band appears at normal speed, while the color and chaos of the city flies past around them.Catch this meteoric band on the rise when you can.

New Collisions
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Matt Dolloff said…
Not as crazy about the singer's voice as I am about the music, but they definitely have a nice tight, intense sound. Would be cool to see 'em blow up.

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