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VIDEODROME SERIES: We continue our look at new music videos. Today we take a look at the brand new video from one of my absolute favorite bands: EDITORS. We named the band's "An End Has A Start" album one of 2007's Best Records.


Tom Smith

NEW SOUNDS - With extensive touring before growing audiences, the band's songwriting has taken an exciting artistic turn. Tighter and more plodding, Editors continue to be fueled by Tom Smith's emotional misadventures and memorable telling of lyrics.

>>>>> On "In This Light and On This Evening", Editors have clearly entered a new age of wiry, electronic dissonance while maintaining their footing as one of the most capable rock acts on the planet. New video (and a bonus live clip of the same) follow:

The Editors
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Ian adams said…
The video is awesome, despite some anti-Semetic overtones.

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