Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Record Breaker: Franz Ferdinand's incredible 2nd Album

Franz Ferdinand's smashing second album.

We're going way back in time... to 2005. Spin named it one of their top three albums of the entire year. Rolling Stone named it #8 on their annual list. It's Franz Ferdinand's tremendous sophomore album and it's today's record breaker profile.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have to admit, "You Could Have It So Much Better," really caught me completely off guard. I was pretty ready to sign the band off - as a good band with a very good (perhaps lucky!) first album. (We've all seen it before... Signs of brilliance followed by years of, how should I say; "milking it?") Boy was I wrong. This is one of my favorite albums now!

Today's Record Breaker is an abridged look at Franz Ferdinand and their highly recommended second album.

While its true the band produces some tracks that are little more than unabashed alterno dance pop - but these tracks are irresistible in their own right. Sprinkled through the album are songs of depth and quality, accentuated by quirky 'point of view' lyrics and some pretty interesting images. The band has also learned to adapt and grow musically. Ultimately, adaption is the musical fountain of youth. In the case of Franz Ferdinand, I hope this is the case. I would love to see a follow-up to You Could Have It So Much Better.

Walk Away
credits: Kapranos, McCarthy, Hardy, Thomson
Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away

I swapped my innocence for pride
Crushed the end within my stride
Said I'm strong now I know that I'm a leaver
I love the sound of you walking away
Mascara bleeds a blackened tear
And I am cold
Yes, I'm cold
But not as cold as you are
I love the sound of you walking away
Why don't you walk away?
Why don't you walk away?
No buildings will fall down
Why don't you walk away?
No quake will split the ground
Why don't you walk away?
The sun won't swallow the sky
Why don't you walk away?
Statues will not cry
Why don't you walk away?
I cannot turn to see those eyes
As apologies may rise
I must be strong and stay an unbeliever
And love the sound of you walking away
Mascara bleeds into my eye
I'm not cold
I am old
At least
As old as you are

As you walk away?

As you walk away
My headstone crumbles down
As you walk away
The Hollywood wind's a howl
As you walk away
The Kremlin's falling
As you walk away
Radio Four is STATIC

As you walk away
The stab of stiletto
On a silent night
Stalin Smiles
Hitler laughs
Churchill claps
Mao Tse Tung
on the back

Eleanor Put Your Boots On
credits: Kapranos, McCarthy, Hardy, Thomson
Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots On

Eleanor put those boots back on
Kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt
I know it isn't dignified to run
But if you run
You can run to the Coney Island rollercoaster
Ride to the highest point and leap across the filthy water
Leap until the Gulf Stream's brought you down
I could be there when you land

So Eleanor take a Greenpoint three-point turn
Towards the hidden sun
You know you are so elegant when you run
Oh if you run
You can run to that statue with the dictionary
Climb to her fingernail and
Leap, yeah take an atmospheric leap
Let the jet stream set you down
I could be there when you land

So Eleanor put those boots back on
Put the boots back on and run
Come on over here

Franz Ferdinand web

Dress Up Your Music Collection - RSL Blog Radio Volume 4

(Yeah baby, I'm back!)

Ryan's Smashing Life Blog Radio Episode 4
Songs for the first week of October 2006.
Dress up your ipod...

Every week I share with you some tracks I am listening to. The goal is that I can one day rule the Earth through healthy provisions of quality music. Everybody's got a dream.

Stuck in the Middle -The Snow Leopards - (EzArchive)

Stuck in the Middle -The Snow Leopards - (FileXoom)

Harrowdown Hill - Thom Yorke - (EzArchive)

Harrowdown Hill - Thom Yorke - (FileXoom)

Do You Realize? - Beck with the Flaming Lips - (EzArchive)

Do You Realize? - Beck with the Flaming Lips - (FileXoom)

E-Pro (the Ghost Range remix) - Beck - (EzArchive)

E-Pro (the Ghost Range remix) - Beck - (FileXoom)

The Thrill - The New Lows - (EzArchive)

The Thrill - The New Lows - (FileXoom)

The Fallen (acoustic) - Franz Ferdinand - (EzArchive)

The Fallen (acoustic) - Franz Ferdinand - (FileXoom)

The High Party (rare recording 2002) - Ted Leo - (EzArchive)

The High Party (rare recording 2002) - Ted Leo - (FileXoom)

Shoot Your Gun - The 22-20s - (EzArchive)

Shoot Your Gun - The 22-20s - (FileXoom)

I Think I Smell a Rat - The White Stripes - (EzArchive)

I Think I Smell a Rat - The White Stripes - (FileXoom)

RSL Blog Radio Volume V - Exciting mp3s for your collection

REPOST (I'm back!!):
Pull up a seat. You may want to bookmark today's blog entry. No seriously - the reason: New mp3 files today and some links to some of the best mp3 files from my collection from previous entries. There's more than enough here than one can enjoy in one sitting.

The RSL Weblog - Episode Five

Kasabian - Me Plus One - EzArchive File

Beck - Modesto - EzArchive File
Beck - Modesto - FileXoom File

Music - the collection


The Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI 12.11.2003

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Renaissance - Songs for Daylight Savings & the Future of Humanity (mp3s)

Friends, these are new days.
Embrace change.

(an instant classic from R. Adams - a high quality 10mb masterpiece)

Speaking of change; things over at EzArchive are still no better.

I have emailed them like ten times requesting contact. They sent me an insulting email today.. "Just want to make sure your transition to version 3.0 went well..!" What a joke. Tomorrow marks the fourth straight day without my paid hosting service. Time waits for no man...

My plan is to upload all the old tracks from the majority of my old posts. If there is something in there you specifically want - please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

I am experimenting with new hosting services, so be patient with me.

Cheers - Ryan

Saturday, October 28, 2006

EzArchive's Death Total rises as the sick experiment continues. More Video!!!

This is DAY TWO of EzArchive's butchering of blogger dreams.
For those of you unaware of what EzArchive is - this now makes me laugh - it's a service provider that hosts music. It's one of the company's that does this as a business, but not the only one. The premise is simple. I pay them. I host music files from their servers and you get to listen to them here. Being good friends with EzArchive is nearly impossible. They are not good to their customers. Why am I disgruntled?
Follow me through this little narrative:
Using EzArchive is a little like going to your favorite fast food establishment. You really don't want to - but you are in a pinch and really quite hungry. You choose to eat at this particular fast food chain despite the fact that it's not healthy and knowing that they have screwed you before by previously serving up incorrect items. But you convince yourself that it's generally ok when you use them - so you return for more. Yes, it's very much a disfunctional relationship working with EzArchive, but on a day-to-day basis, it works. That was until their "upgrade" which has locked us out. It's like ordering a burger at your fast food joint of choice. You pay and wait for the food, but no one will acknowledge you. Frustrated & hungry, you drive away.

At least there is VIDEO.
And I promise, soon there will be music again: With or Without EzArchvive.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Reading Festival
(Sept 30, 2006)

What a performance.
COLD WAR KIDS - live at Golden Gate Park
(An unintended live venue never sounded so good!)

Yet another reason why this Southern California band rocks so very hard.

Raconteurs at Austin City Limits 2006

This is "Bang Bang" - one of their best live songs. "Blue Veins" is another.
You will never hear either on pop radio, but they stand out in a live show!

The Deftones - "Say It Ain't So" (Weezer cover)
Now there is something unusual. Why does he say, "squeal like a pig?" Odd.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Curse of the Halloween Software Upgrade. Great Video!!!

Yeah, sure - doesn't sound scary to you... But it has scared the sh*^@! out of me - and with good reason. All my mp3 files are temporarily unavailable due to the fact that hosting service EzArchive (that which hosts music for three-quarters of the world's bloggers) is being upgraded. I have desperately tried to win them over with promises of sweets, love letters and even kisses - but nay! I just received an email saying that the EzArchive server responsible for transferring old accounts to the new matrix has crashed. What that means in non-techno speak.... my mp3s are temporarily unavailable while the Keebler Elves and their friends (the Swiss software engineers working for EzArchive) do their thing.

So, I mean, what am I going to do? I am going to share some freaking sweet videos and bide my time. Check these out and then come back later for some music.
In the "Do It Yourself Spirit" - Enjoy These Videos:

Architecture in Helsinki
"Do The Whirlwind"

The Pixies



"Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives"

Live! Sonic Boom Records in Seattle on March 7th, 2006.

TV on The Radio

"Wolf Like Me"

Live! on Letterman

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Labouring through the Week - Songs for "The Grind"

I am in the midst of one of the busiest periods of my year right now at work. Without going into major detail: I am having to file some reports entailing a great deal of data management while juggling my regular day-to-day responsibilites. I have been bringing work home and doing it at night. The worst thing is that somehow I managed to overwrite a file yesterday and lost hours of work. It has forced me to miss Frank Black (playing at the Avalon in Boston) tonight. I have been suffering through an on-again, off-again headache but I still got a real kick out of assembling this list of songs for you... I love themed blog posts. (And who doesn't, really?)

MP3s for the GRIND.
Work-related Songs for your Week:

Work Me - The Black Keys

Chain Gang - Sam Cooke

Dynamite Mine - Murder by Death

Union Sundown - Bob Dylan

Work, Work, Work (then Pub, Club, Sleep) - The Rakes

I'm so Tired - The Beatles

Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Workin' Man Blues Merle Haggard cover - The Revival Preachers

This Devil's Workday - Modest Mouse

The Monitor - Bishop Allen

Lonesome Whistle Train - The Reverend Horton Heat


Prison Letters (Oh, Charles) - Ryan Adams

An amazing live performance from Konserthuset, Sweden ~ Nov. 18, 2002

Monday, October 23, 2006

"Something Tells Me, Something Tells Me" - An interview with Sound Team

"Something tells me, something tells me
This is just beginning..."
Movie Monster lyrics

There is a certain stage during every Soundteam show when the music reaches the first-timers and they get it. Scanning the crowd, it's something I look for. The attendees go from being stand-offish to mildly amused and suddenly, inexplicably – to being completely rapt. On stage, when the band gets rolling, a crackling energy is formed and it's hard not to get caught up in it.

The band closed their Oct 12 show in Boston at the Axis club with the best version of Handful of Billions I have ever heard. The show ended, but my conversation with the band was still yet to come. Here now is the remarkable interview I conducted that night with the band – a candid Q&A with one of most talented young independent rock groups in America.

I exchange pleasantries with bassist Bill Baird as the band packs up its gear. We soon meet in the patron-free front room upstairs in Axis for this interview. There are bean bags and benches with cushions setup for the musicians to lounge on before their sets begin. As we get comfortable over some Amstels, I can hear Sound Team tour mates Sparta take the stage downstairs.

Ryan - RSL: Thanks for meeting with me. You guys sounded really great tonight. I think the band sounds tighter now than when I saw you last just a few months ago (an amazing Tuesday night bill at the Middle East with Cold War Kids and Figurines). That version of Handful of Billions at the end was really wonderful.

Bill Baird: Thanks man!

RSL: You guys have had a wild run as of late. Movie Monster was released and you have toured extensively. You were one of this year's hottest bands at the South-by-Southwest Festival, which has become the indie rock showcase each year. Everyone is talking about you in the blogs. What's different about Sound Team?

BB: We're not a fancy band. We're not in it for the money. We love making music and this is what we want to be doing. Well, I will speak for myself. This is what I want to do until the day I die.

Bill Baird

Return here next week for a look at Bill Baird's two new incredible albums.

RSL: Ok. I want to get this over with. I have to bring up the really negative review you got from Pitchfork and was widely read by independent music fans. I don't want to focus on it too much, but I feel I need to touch upon it. Help me out here. What what was the rating they gave "Movie Monster?" It was like a four or a five, right?

BB:It was a three-point-seven. They gave us a rating of 3.7 - out of ten.

RSL: Wow. That's just silly. An average release would get a five or a six... A 3.7 is just insulting.

Pitchfork Review (June 30, 2006)

To be sure, Movie Monster has plenty to offer Next Big Thing-spotters. Like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last year, Sound Team open things with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it song fragment, though their "Get Out" is more U2 anthem-- particularly "With or Without You"-- than CYHSY carny busk. Just as Tapes 'n Tapes endearingly name-checked Harvard Square on this year's The Loon, Sound Team drop in another real-life locale, Portland's Burnside Ave., amid the Wilco-esque Americana of organ-driven single "Back in Town".

Review (in all of its glory): link

BB: Yeah. They weren't reviewing our music, it was more like they were commenting on our social status. Like we didn't belong. We felt like (Pitchfork) weren't reviewing our album at all, they were reviewing us.

There's really no point in getting caught up in negative reviews. We believe in what we are doing in this band. I guess you shouldn't listen to what people tell you they want to hear or what they don't like about you. The creative well could run dry.

RSL: Ironically, you guys just got more popular following that review. It was almost like there was a lot of people out there saying, 'this is who Pitchfork is seriously panning today. You know they must be good.'

BB: They had their agenda set with that review. It seemed that the (Pitchfork) reviewer (Marc Hogan) was more concerned with what his name was attached to than what our music sounded like.

RSL: Now in retrospect, you can look back and laugh at that review. Do you want to talk about the video you made poking fun at the review online? What has the reaction been so far?

note: Referring to the YouTube video Bill posted online of a stuffed dummy clad in a red-suit labeled Sound TEAM being savagely tormented by a pitchfork, thrown off a cliff then set on fire. (Only to be tormented again by the pitchfork!) Baird seemed a little surprised that I knew about it. There are no links to the page on the band's website. Here it is!

BB: It was all meant in fun. It's kind of me showing that we didn't take the review too seriously.

RSL: It's hilarious. I love it. It shows you have a great sense of humor.

Sound Team are (from left): Bill Baird, Michael Baird, Jordan Johns, Gabe Pearlman, Sam Sanford. Pictured in on the television- Matt Oliver

We were little more than ten minutes into the interview when drummer Jordan Johns joined us.

JJ: How's everything going?


RSL: I wish that more people on the East Coast knew your music. You guys have been to a lot of cities. I guess it would be easy to ask you your favorites. Is there any place you have played that you wouldn’t return to for whatever reason?

BB: “The worst place to play?” Baird repeated the question. “So far?”

JJ & BB: (simultaneously) “Sacramento.”

BB: “We played there to like, what? Two people?” Baird looked to Johns. “No one came out.”

JJ: “And no one plays there. I mean no one. It’s Sacramento.

RSL: Ok, well Sacramento indie fans probably already know this about their city. Speaking about being on the road, you have played with a lot of really excellent bands over the last year. What was that like?

note: This list (far from inclusive) contains some great names: Cold War Kids, Midlake, Figurines, Sparta, the French Kicks, the Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand and many more. In England they met up with the Smiths' Johnny Marr (who is now playing with Modest Mouse).

BB: We really got along well with pretty much everybody. I think the Walkmen were probably my favorite. Their music really match up really well with ours.

JJ: Yeah, the Walkmen were probably my favorites too. They really bring the energy.

RSL: You both can fill a room full of sound. Its good to hear so many different bands when you are on the road. Are you guys getting any new material written while you are on?

BB: We played two new songs tonight. We opened the show with Witch Hunt and played Orion later. We have about fifteen songs pretty much finished. They are going to be better than what we have now.

RSL: That's great news. I know that there are a lot of people who would like to see a new album from you guys.

BB: We will probably end up producing it and promoting it ourselves.

RSL: You guys are very "do-it-yourself."Is there any thought that with the early popularity and hype surrounding Movie Monster that you would sign a deal with a promotions company to handle things?

BB: If you look at it, we are a DIY band. And a band that - if you look at how we do things, we try to be different. We try to do as much as possible by ourselves. I don't think we will have anyone else handle everything. By doing things for ourselves it lets us be more creative and allows us to do our own thing.

RSL:Do you ever cover anybody else's music? I don't think I have ever seen or heard of you doing anybody else's stuff.

BB: We have done this Van Morrison song called Glad Tidings.

JJ: We did an old Nirvana song called School.

RSL: That's from their first album, Bleach, right? That's my favorite.

BB: Yeah it is. We also did the Train in Vain by the Clash. And we did That's How Strong My Love Is (Otis Redding). We have also tried some Philip Glass and some old Hank Williams songs.

RSL: You are from Austin. Austin is all the rage these days with indie bands coming out of the woodwork.Tell me a little bit about Austin, music-wise, and about your experiences at the annual South-by-Southwest Music Festival (showcase to the country's best up and coming independent bands.)

BB: Its hard for me to get a perspective on the Austin scene. Everyone is talking about all the new bands coming up, but I only really know of four or five really good bands that I listened to when were were there playing.

RSL: Well tell me about Sound Team playing SxSW. I had never heard of your music before the festival. I am greatful! How many years have you played the festival at this point?

JJ: We have played four years so far.

BB: When we first did it, the first year it was no big deal. We just knew somebody who was involved in the planning. He called us up and asked if the band wanted to fill a spot on Sunday night (the last night of the festival.) It was a last minute thing.

RSL: Really? You didn't have to submit any music? That's crazy.

BB: And now there is so much hype and so much music going on. There is good music at the festival, but it's hard sometimes to find.

JJ: I think the Austin Sound today is a reaction against the blues and the sound of musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

BB: Bands are trying to find their own sound. Austin's music has changed over the years.

JJ: You had bands like Scratch Acid (1980's punk) and then the Butthole Surfers (in the 1990's.) The music changes.

BB: Austin has always been about bands of weirdos and misfits. You have to respect that. These people put everything they have into their music.

RSL: And now there's bands like you guys and Voxtrot among others. Its impressive to outsiders. Coincidentally have you heard the new singles from Voxtrot that have recently come out? They are working on new material.

BB: Yeah, its really good. Those guys are our friends. They are really good.

RSL: I'm a big fan of their work. I will be interviewing them soon as well, but probably over the phone. They don't get any further north than NYC on this tour. Do you know anything about the B-Side song "Sway" they just released?

BB: My friend Jared (Van Fleet) from Voxtrot did all of the arrangements on that song. It's amazing.


RSL: Tell me about the wicked cool cardboard cutting with the profiles of the band that's up on your band's MySpace page.

BB: Our friend Paul Ahern, who worked on the movie A Scanner Darkly did that for us. Did you know that movie was filmed in Austin?

RSL: No, I had no idea. That's pretty cool. You guys should get a job promoting the city.

Gabe Pearlman and Michael Baird enter the room. Baird sits at his laptop and silently reads his email. Gabe picks at some food.

BB: You missed it. We're at the end of the interview!

Gabe: Ok, what do you want to know? If you want to know my likes; I really like v-neck tee-shirts and toilet paper. Two-Ply.

RSL: Haha. Be careful or that will be the only quote of yours I will use in the interview. And these guys (motioning to the rest of the band) will end up laughing at you.

(I actually did talk to Gabe about local pizza houses and Boston culture... He's from Cambridge, MA. The rest of the guys are all from the Austin area.)

Thank you to the band. You're great guys (some of the nicest people I have met) and tremendous musicians. Good luck on tour!

Matt Oliver

Your Eyes Are Liars (EzArchive)

Your Eyes Are Liars (MediaMax)

Handful of Billions (EzArchive)

Handful of Billions (MediaMax)

Born to Please (EzArchive)

Born to Please (MediaMax)

Movie Monster (Wide Open Space Version - A Bill Baird remix) (EzArchive)

Movie Monster (Wide Open Space Version - A Bill Baird remix) (MediaMax)

No More Birthdays (The Phil Spector Folk Version - A Bill Baird remix) (EzArchive)

No More Birthdays (The Phil Spector Folk Version - A Bill Baird remix) (MediaMax)

The Fastest Man Alive (EzArchive)

The Fastest Man Alive (MediaMax)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Indieland News, Cold War Kids, Irving, the Gorillaz & Supersuckers do Tiger Army - Show Updates & New mp3s

News from Indieland



New EP releases, DVD will also be issued within weeks.

The Gorillaz article on Billboard.

"Instant Classic" Clint Eastwood - The Gorillaz

Gorillaz -Clint Eastwood Suicide Remix (Kosheen Mix)
Gorillaz - Kids with Guns

The Editors - Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz cover)

Irving Gets a Blog.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


The Irving Tour Blog

Irving is getting popular. If you don't know them, give a listen:

Irving - Situation (live at KEXP 5/20/06)

Irving - She's Not Shy (live at KEXP 5/20/06)

Irving - Jen, Nothing Matters to Me (live at KEXP 5/20/06)

Irving - If you say Jump, I will Say No (live at KEXP 5/20/06)

The "Situation" video produced for Irving by California's Winch and Pulley Productions.

The video for "Jen Nothing Matters to Me" will be released on 11/6/06.

Irving comes to Boston on 10/30/06 - The Middle East in Cambridge.



A week from today the COLD WAR KIDS will be appearing in Boston. The venue was originally slated for The Paradise but has recently been changed for Great Scott's in Allston. To ensure you see the band you should buy your tickets ahead of time if at all possible because the more intimate Great Scotts will likely sell out quickly.



I guess the cool thing is to dislike great new bands and to tell the world about it. Or at least to unleash a level of middling criticism that would crush less talented groups. Yep, Pitchfork is up to its old tricks. This week the sadly predictable Pitchfork tried to kill the new CWK album.

"It would help if the record lived up even a little bit to the mostly positive notices for Cold War Kids' incessant live shows...." Marc Hogan, Pitchfork.

This Pitchforker spends way too much time reviewing an album he clearly didn't want to like or even listen to in the first place. Talk about missing the point: Hogan blew it. He tried to understand the branch of a single tree but never even saw the forest.

Read what others had to say about this: I Guess I'm Floating blog
Be sure to read the comments. I posted my feelings.

The Cold War Kids have a cool javascript "ecard" on their page. Just go to this link and click launch and you can stream the "Robbers and Cowards" album. Great quality - Excellent! This is a great way to sell your idiot friends on this tremendous band. One listen and they will be won over
It looks like my on Again / off Again / on Again interview with the Cold War Kids is going to happen after all. It will come this upcoming week and it will be of the face-to-face variety. That's cause for celebration. I think this will provide a better Q&A than what the fifteen minute over-the-phone session on the band's media day (drive-thru philosophy) would have provided. The interview will appear in two parts... Here and over and my other haunt - Berkeley Place.


Hear the CWKs play live: The band will be recording a show on WOXY's lounge acts program live on Monday at 1:30 pm. If you can't listen live, no worries - WOXY generally makes tracks downloadable or at the very least provided streamable versions of their shows!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



Holy Shit Batman, this is pretty damn cool! The Supersuckers are planning a Tiger Army tribute / cover project. The album will be called "The Highest Room in the Tallest Tower"

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

RSL Blog Radio Volume VI - Drawing on Music

RSL Blog Radio Volume VI
This is the music I am listening to right now.
We do this once a week from Boston. You reap the benefits.

The best music is still yet to come...


Click here to subscribe.

today's artist illustration by: El Dorado Rampage

Monday, October 16, 2006

Questioning Authority: You be the interviewer - Cold War Kids!

PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON - Want to know what's it's like to be a rock journalist? Here's your chance to quiz America's hottest indie rock band - California's Cold War Kids. Submit your questions for the interview to be conducted later this week. The interview will published in two parts - here AND over on the Berkeley Place blog!
INSTRUCTIONS for Submitting your Question - Email ( or post your question for the band to this page with your name and City/Town and State. To be eligible for a prize do not forget to leave your email address!
CWKs PRIZE: The individual(s) with the best Cold War Kids question will earn a special CWK prize!!!
** ALSO - stay tuned! I have an interview with Soundteam appearing on the page this week. Find out what all the buzz is about! Soundteam rocks. **

HAIR DOWN - Video from the new album!

INTERVIEW with this film's director - Josh Forbes.

CWK on MYSPACE - CWK Main Page

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Phil and the Osophers - breaking up the doldrum

I have been thinking a lot recently about the Do-It-Yourself spirit that abounds in the arts. It's a very wide area of interpretation, but one not unfamilar to musicians and bloggers alike. Over the next few weeks I will do what I can to celebrate some of the most amazing bands and acts who have literally come from nowhere. You'll hear some new music and you might just find yourself a fan...
Who are the Osophers? Who is Phil?

Mostly the songs are Phil Radiotes playing.
He's from New York City - Brooklyn to be exact.
I think the Osophers could be largerly figurative creatures: perhaps the angels and demons sitting on Phil Radiotes' shoulders.
Play these songs and what you hear is light-spirited, funny and quite talented. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but no one ever said that a guitar-playing, bad-joke-telling folk singer should be in charge. When you hear Phil's songs, you know where he is coming from.

I'm sure there's a funny story accompanying this picture of a very very flat tire.
Phil has posted the picture on his webpage titled: "Show Off"

The Dark - Phil and the Osophers

Phil and the Osophers on MySpace
I am helping a friend move today. More music when I return.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Roadtrip through the Blue Hills - The best mp3s for the month of October

"Geography is all that separates you and your destination."
At least you'll have some great music for the ride.

This may be the best stream of tracks yet!
Burn on a CD for a great driving mix.
This is your October Recollection Soundtrack.
Ten highly recommended tracks!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Breakdown of the Boston SOUNDteam show - Raconteurs release a new live video

Last night's Sound Team show in Boston was as exquisite as it was brief. The boys from Austin played a very tight set. It's the third time I have seen them and they just keep getting better!

photo credit: Stephen Pinker

The Sound Team Setlist - AXIS Boston 10/12/2006

Witch Hunt * a new song!
No More Birthdays
Shattered Glass
Orion * a new song!
TV Torso
Movie Monster
Handful of Billions
(Closer & the song of the night - Awesome!)

Great news - I was able to meet with the band (fantastic guys) after the show.
I had planned to sit down for a little one-on-one chat with bassist Bill Baird (a supremely talented dude), but before I knew it most of the band was talking it up with me upstairs last night at Axis.
Please look forward to this remarkably open interview. A real treat to get to know these guys. Do not miss this interview!
"Holy Shit" mp3 of the day - download THIS ONE:
(remix and production by Bill Baird)

The RACONTEURS have announced today the release of a smashing new video. It's a live video of "Level" recorded by filmmaker Sophie Muller. Check it out now on the media page over at their website:

VIDEO: "Level" - The Raconteurs in Boston at the Orpheum 9/29/06



unrelated song that threatens to make your day:

Talking Heads - And She Was - EzArchive Host

I love this song. I really do.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

SOUNDteam and SPARTA play Boston

Tonight: SOUNDteam & SPARTA play Axis.
mp3s for this show:
No More Birthdays - SOUNDteam (*Happy Birthday Jen!!!!*)
Taking Back Control - Sparta - The New Single!

SOUNDteam - the "Born to Please" video

Come on down to the show!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

RSL Blog Radio Volume Five - Pull Up A Seat

Pull up a seat. You may want to bookmark today's blog entry. No seriously - the reason: New mp3 files today and some links to some of the best mp3 files from my collection from previous entries. There's more than enough here than one can enjoy in one sitting.

The RSL Weblog - Episode Five

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The Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI 12.11.2003

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do yourself a favor and buy the Cold War Kids album - on sale now

Attack on sonic boredom - the cold war kids - rich, layered soulful rock music on sale: "A sound so original and timeless you wonder how it sprang from the Los Angeles suburbs and not the dark, rich loam of the bayou" - the LA Times

Downtown Records (Gnarls Barkley, Eagles of Death Metal) today release the Cold War Kids' full-length debut, Robbers & Cowards. The album follows the Southern California band's release of three EPs in two years: Mulberry Street, Up in Rags, and With our Wallets Full. Do what you can to get to the record store and pickup Robbers and Cowards today.

A "must have." Robbers and Cowards drops today!

The thick, layered sound cranked out by this band has proven to leave a strong and enduring impression.Touring and playing with some of world's greatest new bands has bore fruit for the talented foursome. They now find their little indie rock band in some very exclusive company.

The CWK's edge may come in unusual time signature drum and guitar pieces accentuated with powerful blues- and gospel-like vocals, piano solos and defining bass.
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photo: Spin magazine
At this point in their early careers -Matt Maust (bass), Jonnie Russell (guitar) , Nathan Willett (vocals) and Matt Aveiro (drums) could already almost be counted as veterans. But this is not the case. What they are is musically tight, talented and dynamic youngsters. And because of this they have evolved and grown with each performance.

To add more appeal to a Cold War Kids live performance, they have toured with a gallery of independent talent. This list prominently includes: Tapes N Tapes, Sound Team, Figurines, The Futureheads, The French Kicks, Midlake and Two Gallants.

The band may have passed another threshold recently. The band appeared in a full-page splash in Interview magazine - A trendy publication which proudly touts itself as "the crystal ball of pop." Success in this case is hardly difficult to predict.

As a loyal CWKs fan, I am left with one nagging question: Where the hell are these powerful lyrics coming from?

Most musicians their age are writing about loud music or their ex-girlfriends. Cold War Kids write with a surprising level of culture, experience and conscience.

Take "Hospital Beds" for instance...

What band out there is writing songs about strangers laying in adjacent hospital beds? The premise: two bed-ridden strangers are forced to relate to one another because of their common thread - humanity, proximity and fear. Seriously - that's unreal.

Hospital Beds

Tell me the story
of how you ended up here
I've heard it all in the hospital
nothing's sufficing
doctors on tour
somewhere in India.
I've got one friend
laying across form me
I did not choose him
he did not choose me
we've got no chance of recovery
joy and hospital
joy and misery
joy and misery
joy and misery

Cold War Kids don't perform songs about longing - they write about the sensation of being near someone - separated by a pane of glass.

The song, "We Used to Vacation" is improbably about the break-up of an adult relationship in which alcohol is the third partner. The listener is meant to understand that to a passive viewer - a child perhaps, the manifestation of this breakup is the fear that there will be no more family vacations; no more good times. Amazing.

We Used to Vacation album version

I promised to my wife and children
I'd never touch another drink
as long as I live
but even then
it sounds so soothing
this will blow over in time
this will all blow over in time
I'm just an honest man
provide for me and mine
I give a check to deductable
charity organizations
two weeks paid vacation
won't heal the damage done
I need another one.

We Used to Vacation live

(highly recommended)

I suppose it's like anything, you either get it or you just don't -

I just think the Cold War Kids make it easy to listen to the music.


from the new album released today!

Click HERE to check out my exclusive interview with Josh Forbes - the director of this film. Meet the man behind the CWKs video - he also did videos for Irving, the Submarines and Barenaked Ladies (also released today!)

Rubidoux live

Expensive Tastes

Saint John album version

Saint John live

A picture I took of Jonnie of the Cold War Kids after a show earlier this year.

The backdrop is a mural at the Middle East in Cambridge. It's now up on the band's webpage!

CWK on MYSPACE - CWK Main Page