The Curse of the Halloween Software Upgrade. Great Video!!!

Yeah, sure - doesn't sound scary to you... But it has scared the sh*^@! out of me - and with good reason. All my mp3 files are temporarily unavailable due to the fact that hosting service EzArchive (that which hosts music for three-quarters of the world's bloggers) is being upgraded. I have desperately tried to win them over with promises of sweets, love letters and even kisses - but nay! I just received an email saying that the EzArchive server responsible for transferring old accounts to the new matrix has crashed. What that means in non-techno speak.... my mp3s are temporarily unavailable while the Keebler Elves and their friends (the Swiss software engineers working for EzArchive) do their thing.

So, I mean, what am I going to do? I am going to share some freaking sweet videos and bide my time. Check these out and then come back later for some music.
In the "Do It Yourself Spirit" - Enjoy These Videos:

Architecture in Helsinki
"Do The Whirlwind"

The Pixies



"Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives"

Live! Sonic Boom Records in Seattle on March 7th, 2006.

TV on The Radio

"Wolf Like Me"

Live! on Letterman


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