New Renaissance - Songs for Daylight Savings & the Future of Humanity (mp3s)

Friends, these are new days.
Embrace change.

(an instant classic from R. Adams - a high quality 10mb masterpiece)

Speaking of change; things over at EzArchive are still no better.

I have emailed them like ten times requesting contact. They sent me an insulting email today.. "Just want to make sure your transition to version 3.0 went well..!" What a joke. Tomorrow marks the fourth straight day without my paid hosting service. Time waits for no man...

My plan is to upload all the old tracks from the majority of my old posts. If there is something in there you specifically want - please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

I am experimenting with new hosting services, so be patient with me.

Cheers - Ryan


Anonymous said…
hey ryan. love the blog. sorry about the ez problems. what a joke.

Mediamax is blocked for me at work, so i can't download from them. Have you looked at fileden?

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