OUTLAW ROADSHOW VIDEO Jay Nash - The White Whale


BEST OF 2013 - After a solid year of touring, JAY NASH spent most of 2012 hunkered down in his Vermont home studio, crafting what would become Letters from the Lost (produced by Bill Lefler & Jay Nash). It was a time for stepping out. This is the first album Nash had recorded outside of LA in many years. And it's insanely good. Here now, for the first time is our Private Session of Jay performing "The White Whale." It's more guitar and storytelling genius providing a unique look into Nash's soul.

The songwriter promises the new record he is currently working on will be his best to date! The Outlaw Roadshow NY marks Jay's second run with us and we look forward to many more.

ABOUT THESE VIDEOS - All recorded material in this series features top artists (acts that played The Outlaw Roadshow this year, our friends and unique combinations of artists that you will find nowhere else) recorded between the dates of 10/17/13 and 10/20/13. We've got a lot more stuff ahead that you're going to want to see! This is going to be really good.

Video shot and edited by Ehud Lazin of SBG (YouTube).
Without Ehud, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

photo by Deborah Lopez

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Stevie said…
GREAT piece on Jay Nash-- one of my favorite singer/songwriter of this modern era. The evolution of music offers a meaningful look at the modern man from within his own lens.. and it's so beautifully done as well as hits the right tones to resonate with most if not all the audience.

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