COYOTE KOLB bring Swamp Rock and The Blues to The Outlaw Roadshow!

Confirmed to Play - Oct 18th


THE BEST LIVE ACTS - Somewhere along the way Chadley Kolb and his band didn't get the memo that bands from Boston aren't supposed to be able to get down like southern swamp rockers steeped in the blues... My lord this is living music! Regardless of the setting, COYOTE KOLB makes every stage their own. "United State" their breakout second record was #11 of the year on our Best of List. (Editor's Note: link to the full list is below.)

This key New England record was recorded and mixed by Eric Welch at Chillhouse Studios in Boston. The notes on this soul-stirring record churned up a lot of emotions last year and the band, appropriately won their way on to our stage in Austin where they completely tore the roof off the joint! We decided right there and then that we needed to bring these boys with us to New York!

Coyote Kolb are singer and guitar player Chadley Kolb, Owen Beane on the bass guitar, James Clifford on slide guitar and harmonica, and percussionist Matty Maybruck.

FANS - RSVP to the Outlaw Roadshow today, it's free. You will find no better collection of music in one price at a better price. That's our guarantee to you! MEDIA - For Interview opportunities with Coyote Kolb at The Outlaw Roadshow, please write "outlaws (@)"

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