Best of 2012: COYOTE KOLB

Photographic Evidence
by 5342 Studios

New Photos from
JP Music Festival 9/8/12
in Boston, MA

AN AMAZING LIVE ACT - Somewhere along the way the members of Coyote Kolb weren't let in on the silent Northern exclusion against great Blues Rock offerings... as they are currently one of the very best live acts playing under that sound profile in the Northeast. We were very lucky to catch up with the band at this year's JP Music Festival and I had the distinct honor of introducing them on stage.

What comes next is a series of songs challenging the notion that great southern-style Americana- and Blues Rock can only come from the South. "United State" is the amazing new record from this cool talented five-piece. These songs was recorded and mixed by Eric Welch at Boston's own Chillhouse Studios. I've been listening to this one all week, it's totally infectious but completely grounded as well - causing it to remain with me long after the music's stopped. This record needs to be owned.

Based on these songs, the band: singer and guitar player Chadley Kolb, Noel Coakley on pedal steel and banjo, Owen Beane on the bass guitar, James Clifford on slide guitar and harmonica, and percussionist Matty Maybruck - seem to fully understand their role in fusing Blues and Southern Rock in their own, very special way. A performance can quickly have hundreds of heads bobbing, bodies bouncing... Moments later, they can bring it down and play a slow number with haunting pedal steel. It's not something audiences in the Northeast get to experience everyday but for these guys, it's the only way they know how.

Boston-area audiences can catch Coyote Kolb as one of the featured acts at the New England Americana Music Festival tomorrow night (9/14/12) WEB /EVENT



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