Sic Alps - She's On Top

We've been following these guys for some time now which explains some of my surprise when I searched our back catalog and found there were no postings. We'll fix that today. San Francisco psych rockers SIC ALPS put out a great full-length record (self-titled) last year and they've followed it up this month with the "She's On Top" three-song EP as they're on the verge of their tour of Europe. Fans of the band will find the new garage-y sounding low fi single to be reminiscent of early Black Keys - but even more unraveled. Both have a lot of guitar in common. Think you'll agree this band's blue collar, unpolished output is well worth your time.

June 2013
26 - Ancona
27 - Milan
28 - Brussels
29 - Tournai
30 - Cologne
July 2013
1 - Paris
2 - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
3 - Liverpool
4 - London
5 - Helsinki
6 - Tallinn
7 - Rotterdam
9 - Stockholm
10 - Gothenburg
11 - Copenhagen
12 - Berlin

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Billy Claire said…
I like it a lot but I'd hardly call it unpolished - it takes a lot of precision to get that and play like that...

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