CASK MOUSE to play The Outlaw Roadshow!

Confirmed to Play!
The Outlaw Roadshow 2013
Austin, TX

This Artist will play
Saturday, March 16

The thing I think I like best about CASK MOUSE is how unbelievably synced up this collective of six members are..  I met the gang through musician friends who were stopped in their tracks one night by Cask Mouse's sound. And if I recall correct, I remember being equally as impressed the first time.

"We do this because we love to.
There are no rules in Cask Mouse.
You got the urge to shake your hips, shake em’

Cask Mouse released a really special EP last year called "Cambridge Sessions." I count those songs on a short list of favorites from New England artists the last few years.  (We're sharing a couple of those songs here today.) The achingly beautiful voice of singer Bonnie Parks is the perfect foil to the band's trudging, sublime, folk-tinged, country drawl. This band from Boston have world class chops - as you are all about to discover at The Outlaw Roadshow. This is their first time at this rodeo and we couldn't be happier to have them!


Cask Mouse are: Bonnie Parks (Vocals, Piano, Organ, Percussion), Ed Llerena (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Percussion), Kevin Boldwin (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Percussion), Mitch Belch (Vocals, Guitar, Pedal Steel) Jonny Howes (Double Bass) and Joe Wyatt (Fiddle).

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