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WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH  - This Week on The Bubbler, music blogger Ryan Spaulding once again takes aim at Boston's dynamic and completely unique music scene...

This Sunday, Jan 6th, 2013 at 11pm on myTV38:  We take a look at technology and music by championing the efforts and advances at Red Star Studios - New England's most advanced music and television studios. This one features: 

+ For those about to Rock - We have long been supporters of their hard-nosed rock sound and wild stage antics. Now we bring them to you on your television... New England's Hottest Rock Band is Mellow Bravo! Tonight we debut a new video that will make you a die-hard fan as well. Promise!

+ Simply the Best - Boston's Mary Lou Lord has been a player on the national music scene for a very long time. On the cusp of releasing a new album, we coax her into Boston's Guitar Center where we discuss both the makings of a career through song and what makes creating music so important.

Boston's Stereo Telescope

RED HOT + Electro Pop Interview - They've had one of the best two-year runs of any contemporary Boston acts. I sit down with Stereo Telescope's Nikki Dessingue and Kurt Schneider at Brighton Music Hall and talk about making music here in Boston. They have a great new album on the way!

airs this Sunday Night at 11pm on myTV38 in much of New England!

- Watch it big and in HD -

+ Possibly the best live music video we've showcased on this season of The Bubbler... It couldn't have happened to a better bunch of musicians. Bearstronaut have emerged as one of the region's best bands. We have access to a new, never before seen clip that features Boston breakout Moe Pope who is about to uncork a new record. Seriously, ladies and gents - you don't want to miss this!

+ A BIG CLIFFHANGER  - And then we have the truly unexpected. We wrap up Season One of The Bubbler is such dramatic fashion that viewers won't be able to resist talking about it with friends next week. Let's just say, this could be our very best episode to-date. We hope we leave you wanting more!

Moe Pope, on the cover of the latest Performer, appears Sunday

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