Old Jack - All I Want for Christmas Is You

New for Christmas 2012  
Rock + Soul under the Tree!

DEBUT MUSIC - One of New England's best live acts, rock 'n soul players OLD JACK are very active this winter - spotlighted on myTV38 music show The Bubbler [editor's note: here's a video sample], they have planned a big holiday blowout in two weeks at new music venue Sinclair featuring the Gentlemen Hall, Mellow Bravo and Parlour Bells - making it one of the best shows of the year to date. AND then there's a pair of new holiday songs just leaked by the band today. We have one for you here.

Get to know this exceptional live band! Go to the Music Link to below to buy the new Christmas songs, purchase tickets to the Holiday show (12/15) and hear some more amazing rock + soul..

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