Eddie Japan makes cinematic music capable of causing Quentin Tarantino to cry tears of joy!

New Music Ahead!
The Boston Scene

In two weeks, Eddie Japan - one of the best full band live experiences playing New England these days, will release their new EP, Modern Desperation, Part 1. You can catch them at their release show November 17 at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge if you're a local. They play the date with The Daily Pravda and Gene Dante and the Future Starlets. This one's sure to sell out in advance.

If you're reading this outside Boston, go to the band's website to find out how you can get your mitts on this one. What are you outsiders missing? Something that I'm sure you cinematic movie lovers would really get a kick out of. Eddie Japan produce a steady flow of mind-expanding, time-traveler rock. And if you know Quentin Tarantino, share it with him and tell him Ryan sent you!

Editor's Bonus: We debuted a song of theirs a couple of years back. Check that one out too.

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