Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Skyfall Trailer!

Movie Nerd At Work
You don't need to watch
But you totally will.

More Stuff Indicating My Madness - I've apologized profusely in the past for my capacity for being super nerd from time to time. (Of course I didn't mean it. The apology, that is.) Few were happier than I was when they rebooted the Bond series, firing "Remington Steele" and adding relative unknown Daniel Craig (although he was previously very very good in Layer Cake) - to play a darker, grittier survivor of a spy. One who's a bit brash, and angry and overall, flawed. This Bond would be infinitely more real that the ongoing caricature. (Think a "Richard Greico-eque" tuxedo model with unwavering hair and ridiculous good luck. *Sure I'm tempted by the reruns as well,
fellow nerds - but we need to strive for more!)

And when you decide your character needs better writing you hire writers instead of letting thos wasteful tv script writers - those regurgitating cranes..! And all this, of course, leads to a good director. You get my drift. The reboot needs a lift however, and Skyfall is it. The studio had to fight it's way out of bankruptcy to make this film. They can't afford failure. That's a guarantee..

And then there's that creep-tastic Javier Bardem. You remember him, right? (Video Clip below...*) This casting is absolutely brilliant.

Thinking about Villains - from time to time, I go back on my combination tv/vcr when no ones around and watch that crap superstar Roger Moore - who started all this loverboy Bond crap in the mixed bag Bond flick, View To A Kill. They used up Christopher Walken as Bond rogue far too soon. Walken certainly could have played a better villain than the twisted Zorin. Can you imagine that shit today? Walken plays a cross-country horse jumping super villain who is buying real estate along the San Andreas fault intending to sink the rest of California into the ocean. Pathetic, right? I have this stored in memory... (sigh) Whatever - I digress. .

At least View to A Kill had a Duran Duran soundtrack and featured Grace Jones. It really was a mixed bag... Back on track, now. .. So you can only imagine what a prime-of-his-career fiend Bardem will present in this new movie, right? We also find out from this clip a whole lot has gone on since Quantum of Solace. This is going to be good.


Monday, July 30, 2012

An Explosive Day at Newport Folk 2012

Newport Folk 2012
Photos by 5342 Studios

Sunday's Stellar Lineup
Fort Adams - Newport, RI

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires

Charles Bradley - Now That I'm Gone

I think there's something to be said for execution. A lot of times in the world of art and music we get a little wrapped up in "vision" and "beauty" but sometimes the part we don't get right is the "getting things done." On Sunday in Newport, The World's Greatest Weekend Music Festival did it's thing again and it did it very, very well. This could have been the best day of music I've experienced in a very long time...

And so a day after the festival rocked with music, rain and thunder - it found a way to "roll" in a whole new way, again shaking with new and classic acts alike. The lineup Fort Adams offered (some folk, some soul, some bluegrass, some anti-folk, some indie - shined once again and the festival planners again successfully closed another epic chapter of this open book. The festival had grown yet again allowing more fans to leave with the memories of a lifetime. That's getting things done.. And this is how it went down..

Tom Morello

Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons

Winners for Sunday not pictured here: Jackson Browne, of course, who added his might to both Tom Morello and Jonathan Wilson's sets. (Mr. Wilson and friends - you can color me impressed. You made a fan in me..) We loved Honey Honey and it's impossible to not enjoy Tallest Man on Earth, The Punch Brothers and Sara Watkins.

For a festival that had much to live up to following last year's absolutely ridiculous Sunday experience, this one was every bit as good. The Quad Stage shined all weekend and as long as you didn't mind not getting a seat, sound was pretty much impossible to beat everywhere you went. Newport is a reminder to us all that great music isn't about the date you are born, it's about your state of mind. Pull up a piece of lawn and enjoy the music history unfold.

Trampled By Turtles

The Head and the Heart

The New Multitudes

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Newport Folk Evokes Memories, Grows Up

Newport Folk 2012
Photos by 5342 Studios

An Outstanding Saturday
Fort Adams - Newport, RI

My Morning Jacket

AN EYE & AN EAR TO THE FUTURE - An epic day of music at Newport Folk made fans realize one fact for certainty: there's music being played today that needs to be heard. Like no year before, the festival invested in young performers and their sounds. The fans have trusted the planners to this end. The festival was sold out long before performers were announced and that trust was richly rewarded...


Fort Adams continues to be restored and renovated, opening up larger areas for business partners and fans alike. Fort Adams is a treasure. This year the Paste Ruins - an area set aside for the auditory worship of some of the emerging and classic bands passing through the Fort - served as a great example. Another, were the partner "silent concerts" made possible by technology sponsor Sennheiser. Here were more space, people, vendors and experiences all around. All this further underscores the focus of this festival: the future.

Investments and improvements have been made in the sound in all areas, most notablably on the Fort Stage where both Wilco (photos) and My Morning Jacket belted out hits splaying them across the bay while stirring audiences in front of speakers. The sound was INCREDIBLE.

Alabama Shakes

The Quad Stage (inside Fort Adams) was more full than I'd ever seen it on Saturday. It's easier here to grab a patch of grass and sit for a while, the walls of the fort protective on all sides. This is my favorite stage. The sound here is routinely outstanding and the sun a bit less merciless. The Iron & Wine and Sharon Van Etten sets here were well worth the price of admission.

Sharon Van Etten

Iron and Wine

Other winners for me on Saturday included: Patty Griffin, First Aid Kit, Dawes, Deer Tick (a set that was dive-bombed by Delta Spirit's Matt Vasquez), Alabama Shakes, Spirit Family Reunion, Blind Pilot and Guthrie Family Reunion. Dawes - in particular, were very, very strong - evoking the spirit of Newport Folks past. They got the massive crowds of the Fort Stage moving (something difficult - a fact that countless performers have discovered to their dismay) in a way that I haven't seen since The Decemberists three years ago. There are so many ties to festivals-past and so many new stories each year. And this day was no different, offering memories I will cherish for a lifetime..

Deer Tick (with Matt Vasquez)

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wilco at Newport Folk

Newport Folk 2012
Photos by 5342 Studios

This felt a whole like home ~ for everybody. With a whole year still left until the promised return of Solid Sound*, the Wilco-curated music festival in Western Mass*, the band opted to stake out for Newport this year, headlining the Fort Stage last night at Adams State Park last night. It just felt right. And for the band it must have felt very familiar. Large New England audiences: smiling, pro-music audiences... Yes, The Fort and The Band. Putting them together just felt right. [*ed's note: The Solid Sound website is down but here are the photos we got of the band playing there last year - it was just kinda, a little epic.]

WILCO AT NEWPORT FOLK - Wilco are, in many ways, quite ways emblematic of the success and evolution this particular festival has undergone over the last four years. Work with your audiences and extend the relationship... That's pretty much how both have succeeded. Wilco are their own man, free of a thwarting corporate label and capable of grand productions in unlikely places and successful at both music and genuine identity. Yes, Newport Folk and Wilco seemed destined for this day..

This played out about as well as it possibly could have - I have to imagine - on Friday night. The band played a number of old favorites for the familiars and a few of the newer ones, just to shake the Fort.

Nels Cline's abstract guitar is both the band's greatest strength these days and also what sets them apart from previous generations of the band. A slashing, strong version of "Impossible Germany" complete with a lengthy Cline solo was a high point of last night's performance. It was wonderful for this writer to hear this sequence of songs as darkness descended on the Fort and Wilco welcomed the night... "Heavy Metal Drummer" into "I'm The Man Who Loves You" into "Dawned On Me" into "Shot In The Arm."

JUST THE BEGINNING - The lovely Fort Adams site is now the home to four performance areas - three of which have been more optimized each return season. None, so much as the Quad Stage -inside the walls of Fort Adams - where a number of key performances; Deer Tick, Sharon Van Etten and Iron and Wine will unfold. The space occupied by Wilco will be opened today by Brown Bird and by days end, will be set upon by Dawes, My Morning Jacket and scorching hot world-beaters Alabama Shakes today. So trust me when I tell you: this coming day will be one to remember, forever.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Family of the Year

On Further Review...

Chris Fullerton is a Music & Film writer.
He lives in Austin, Texas.

TIP FROM A FRIEND - I hate to be the guy who labels a band as “the next big thing,” but after seeing Family of the Year perform recently at Lambert’s in downtown Austin, it’s hard for me not to imagine this band exploding. The LA outfit’s most recent offering, Loma Vista, is sure to be a quintessential summer album, brimming over with sing-along anthems like “The Stairs” and “St. Croix.”

After a few lineup changes, the band now consists of brothers Joe and Sebastian Keefe, Christina Schroeter and Jamesy Buckey. Each member providing an essential element as the band presents raw, narrative lyrics accompanied with lush harmonies and robust musical arrangements. Taken as a whole, Loma Vista is a celebration of life and the diary of a contemplative soul.
Highlights of the record include the aforementioned “The Stairs,” which winds its way through a night of youthful irreverence and a search for belonging:
“They made the sunrise for people like us
So we have an excuse as to why we're still up
Just so we can feel a little bit better
About the neighbor's angry letter on our door step
On our door fucking step”

From top to bottom, the songs are earnest and warm. Even the slower numbers, like “Hero” and “Hey Ma” swell with emotion, as they walk the line between the innocence of youth and the cynicism of growing older.

The best part for me is the polish of the record loses nothing when transferred to the live show. Even playing to an undeservedly small crowd, the band exuded charm and passion while belting out each song with precision. This album should find a home on many Best of 2012 lists. It should also find a home in a car on an open road, with the volume up and the windows down. Family of the Year is the spark ready to set the world on fire.

Tonight - The Living Room
New York, NY
Jul 28 - The Middle East [ TIX ]
Cambridge, MA
Jul 29 - Divian Orange
Montreal, CA
Jul 31 - Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, CA
Aug 07 - The Frequency
Madison, WI
Aug 08 - 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis, MN
Aug 10 - The Hi-Dive
Denver, CO
Aug 11 - Kilby Court
Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 13 - The Crocodile
Seattle, WA
Aug 14 - Mississippi Studios
Portland, OR
Aug 15 - Brick and Mortar
San Francisco, CA
Aug 18 - Sunset Strip Music Festival
West Hollywood, CA
Aug 24 - Reading Festival
Reading, UK
Aug 25 - Leeds Festival
Leeds, UK

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jukebox the Ghost - Live in Boston

Moving Pictures & Music

Shervin Lainez photo

A BEST OF 2012 ALBUM SELECTION - Jukebox the Ghost’s third album Safe Travels marks a period in the band’s career that’s steeped in change, both personally and professionally. Relationships dissolved and crumbled. Loved ones passed on. The band themselves relocated from Philadelphia to New York City and played over 200 shows since the release of their last album in 2010. In the midst of so much change, the band spent months in the studio creating what would become Safe Travels, a record that represents a shift in the band’s creative trajectory.

As it is with all things, the best stuff finds a way to preserve. Jukebox has been selling out all of it's shows down the east coast - each in large venues. 2012 has been a great year. Somehow, I was able to coax the band into a recording session last month and what we experienced was a real treat. For the first time anywhere, listen to the bouncy synth-pop of "Oh Emily" (from the new record) captured expertly by friends Big Old Big One and UNregular Radio (RIP).

About Big Old Big One -

With the goal of exposing up and coming, unique, talented musicians from around the world, Big Old Big One is a music video blog that shows a different side of artists as they perform "off stage" shows in locations outside of the common venue. Motivated by a strong passion for, and desire to discover and share the magic that occurs within these sessions, its founders, Eran Shaysh & Daniel Perry, as well as the blog's newest member, Chris Gagne are committed to supporting the music community through their videos.

About UNregular Radio (RIP) -

UNregular Radio is was Boston’s biggest online radio station and rules the internet airwaves with thousands of daily listeners and over 40 different live shows broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UNregular shows feature remarkable DJs and hosts as well as frequent in-studio musical performances streaming live bands just like the old Buddy Holly days. UNregular is reality radio. They are unregular, unconventional, and uncensored. And in an age in which terrestrial radio suffers from stagnancy, lack of vision and financial waste.


Jukebox the Ghost
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Passion of Field Report

Photographic Evidence
5342 Studios

New Photos from
The Outlaw Roadshow 7/20/12
Southshore Music Circus
Cohasset, MA

Field Report is the creation of Chris Porterfield, whose debut record is a collection of songs six years in the making. Chris cut his musical teeth with DeYarmond Edison (the other members of which were Justin Vernon and Megafaun). After their breakup in 2006, Bon Iver and Megafaun went on to success while Chris hung back in Wisconsin, thinking his career in music was probably over. It was really just beginning. For the first time in his life, he began writing his own songs, which he spent the following six years carefully perfecting. In December 2011, the record was finally committed to tape at Justin Vernon’s studio.

The result is a haunting set of songs that are both crafty and poignant. After sending a few unfinished tracks to select people, the response was immediate and impactful: producer Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Warren Zevon, The Pixies, Uncle Tupelo) fell in love with them and offered to mix the record, which he did in February 2012.

Adam Duritz and I invited Porterfield and his newly formed band to play The Outlaw Roadshow in Austin during SxSW this year where their buzz preceded their stellar sound on stage. They debuted in front of our music-crazed audience. And, when it came time to plan this year's summer Roadshow with Counting Crows, Chris and the band were one of the very first bands to come to mind. The results have been more than remarkable and speak for themselves...


Field Report
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Newport Folk 2012

Return of the Greatest
Weekend Music Festival
on the Planet!

Blind Pilot

Spirit Family Reunion


Alabama Shakes

click for larger, printable schedule

Sharon Van Etten

Tallest Man on Earth

Deer Tick

click for larger, printable schedule

Gary Clark Jr

Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons

The Head and The Heart

Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne - Stay

Monday, July 23, 2012

We Are Augustines conquer Brooklyn!

Photographic Evidence
by David Kepner

New Photos from
The Outlaw Roadshow 7/17/12
Williamsburg Park
Brooklyn, NY

We Are Augustines
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