Confirmed to Play: HEARTLESS BASTARDS!

Austin, TX - Saturday 3/17
19 Acts & Completely Free!

photos by Chris March
The Middle East
Cambridge, MA - 4.23.11

The last band added to our St. Patrick's Day Lineup!

The Best Album released so far in 2012

JUST AMAZING!!! - There is something fundamentally right with singer Erika Wennestrom's delivery. Sometimes the words bounce from her mouth playfully, but make no mistake - this is no pop band. "Fiery" is just as apt descriptive for her delivery and songwriting. Much of what we hear on the new one "Arrow" is a band's evolution into a state of excellence. Heartless Bastards have certainly released the best record of their lives, (Partisan Records, in stores now). [ALBUM REVIEW]


As the producers of The Outlaw Roadshow this St. Patrick's Day, it pleases both of us (Adam Duritz and I) to announce Heartless Bastards are headlining our show. As music fans - we're just beside ourselves! This is one of the very best bands in America today who are just out of studio with the best record out so far in 2012. This announcement seals the deal for us - this is band #19 of 19 - the last band announcement for our show. We would absolutely love to have you with us this upcoming Saturday to see this band and all the others put on the best show in Texas. RSVP today at

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Await Rescue said…
Congrats on landing Heartless Bastards for The Outlaw Roadshow!

This really is huge, and I know how much you dig these guys.

This is too cool.

And from everything I read and see (thank you for the video from the Mideast show), they are an incredible live band.

Good luck down in Austin, and as always, keep up the great work!

Wish we could make it!

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