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Atlanta Crimefighters: BABY BABY

RED HOT RIGHT NOW - After the last cycle of touring it was pretty clear that the frenetic rock kings from last year's SxSW Music Festival was this four-piece out of Atlanta. 2011 saw the release of their debut album, Money, a launch pad for their future. We took an instant liking to their brand of southern "fun rock" and their contagious, die-hard party spirit - so much so we invited the band back to Boston where they were raised the roof at a free show we helped host.

NEW SONG - Well some time has passed and the band (Fontez, Grant, Kyle and Colin) have some new stuff on the way - the new song, Haters - formal release (Gospel of Rhythm - Feb 14) is meant to address the people who went out of their way to shit on Baby Baby's parade. We all know the type and I can totally stand behind this. We thank the band for the early leak.

Baby Baby - Haters (clean)

It's easy to get behind a working band that wants nothing more than to be the best at what they do. Here's the DEBUT of the new track. Please listen/download and share with a friend. Tell them you heard it first + you got it here. Mark my words, this band is going places.

Baby Baby
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Anonymous said…
Not to shit on their parade but this band is much better live than they are recorded. Throw this song into a party setting and it kills... recorded it sounds flat.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with the recording. Your point, regarding capturing the spirit of a righteous live band, is that you are bound to be disappointed by 90% of their recorded material. So let's look at it like this (and keep it all good,) Baby Baby is one of the best live acts in the country right now. #Truth.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the nice words about "Haters" by Baby Baby.

take care,

The Gospel Of Rhythm Recordings
austin said…
Sounds awesome!
Anonymous said…
Rock and Roll is back.
Anonymous said…
song is stuck in my head now

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