The Best Live Acts in America 2012: DEER TICK

The Best Live Bands 2012
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Deer Tick in Boston
Live at Royale - 11-18-2011
Photos by 5342 Studios

HOT HOT HOT - RSL's Best Live Acts in America is an easy, one-stop recommendation for our readers recommending the best live acts to our friends. The only rule is we must have seen the band play 3 or more times in the previous year. (This guarantees a true level of excellence and consistency.) Deer Tick is the first band in 2012 to be added to this year's list.

Deer Tick just added the songs from new album Divine Providence to their live catalog - it's a whole record's worth of material intended to play loud & live. Good stuff! {Review of the Album} We look forward to the chance to adding more names and sharing our adventures over the coming year.


Deer Tick
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RSL Album Review
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National Treasure: John McCauley & Deer Tick should not be missed


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