Michael Jackson - Thriller (Remix)

From this Week's Mailbag
The Saturday Night Remix

So, here's the deal. I can't begin to listen to, digest or publish everything we receive. About once a week in 2012, I will be randomly opening new mail and so long as the stuff isn't horrid (we do believe in fairness, but we do have our limits) we will publish something new. This week, the submission is a Remix that arrived earlier today.

About the track: This one's a bit of a departure for us. But sticking with the mailbag theme and the fact it's a Saturday night (no fighting, ok?) we are sharing a re-edit of DJ Aylen's remix of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Credits here, of course, to MJ, Aylen and this creation (free download) is love from DivKid. Voila, have a listen...

until next time, peace.


Download Movies said…
awesome. I love Micheal Jackson.

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