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New Music of Note
by Nick Parker


One Place by Choose to Find
World Premiere - Instrumental!

THIS DISCOVERY - As someone obsessed with lyrics - the written word, I have a tough time sometimes being fully engaged by instrumental bands. Regardless of their music skill, music without vocals has always felt like a missed opportunity. I've recently been listening to a lot of Mogwai though, a band that can teach me a lesson about what you can achieve without a word spoken. You don't have to go so far to find a band that copes very well without a vocalist - Boston's own Choose to Find are a great example of the genre.

DEDICATION TO SOUND - Choose to Find finished a residency at Precinct in September, but the big news is all about recording. They have spent thousands of hours over the last three years working towards their next major release, "Songs without Words." I have been able to keep in touch with the band as they build these often monumental tracks and it's fair to say have been obsessively driven throughout. One example of the degree of their dedication: I recall them taking one full (ten hour) day in a local studio just setting up, demoing and then dismantling drum sounds, each time moving their kit a few feet to the left or right in the quest for the perfect tone.

LISTEN & DECIDE / YOUR SUPPORT - This may seem like overkill perhaps, but once you hear the results of all that work, it's impossible to deny that Choose to Find's labor is ultimately for our benefit. Their music is always subtly nuanced, and is often out and out operatic - massive swells and sweeps of guitar and piano grounded with warm bass and orchestral drums. Tracks like "One Place" are good examples of the enormous scale and trajectory of much of Choose to Find's work, and that kind of music couldn’t have been created without all the time they've spent on it. In order to finish up this newest project, the band have initiated a Kickstarter campaign. If you like what you hear, you might want to show them this kind of support (act now - the campaign ends in just a few days!).

Choose to Find
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Michael D(isband) said…
Although I am not sure they are still around, another terrific instrument band from Boston is/was Club D'Elf. In the early part of the last decade we would descend into the Lizard Lounge every other week to take in their unique brand of psychadelic jazz fusion. Another instrumental band I've also always been quite partial to is the Cinematic Orchestra.
Heidi Aishman said…
I have had the pleasure of hearing C2F in Boston a few times. They are really a band for everyone. I have very little musical understanding, coming from a visual art background and I can really get lost in some of their tunes. With such a great unity between member s you never feel like your watching one person and some back up. Totally worth checking out!

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