JEFF the Brotherhood

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JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the Brotherhood - Heavy Krishna
Bonnaroo live photo by Curtis Millard

Originally hailing from Massachusetts and now taking time off between tours these days in Nashville, brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall are JEFF the Brotherhood. The pair hit the stage here in Boston on a holiday-lengthened weekend Sunday night. Get ready for all kinds of psycho-scuzz, guitar-laden madness and probably some good old fashion debauchery. (Chances for this go up dramatically if I end up going.) See you there?

The band were recently listed as one of Rolling Stone magazine's Bands To Watch. What can we say, RS, even a stopped clock like you is right twice a day! (Good media though, take a look.) The video for Wastoid Girl (below) is brand new this week and the new album is out now on Infinity Cat - a Nashville record label on the rise. All in all, this Sunday in Boston is one of those shows that two years from now, you can say you saw. This band is going to be big.

the new album:

one to watch:
JEFF the Brotherhood

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Mary Lou Lord said…
"Scuzz-Rock"...Love it. Can't wait to see these guys!

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