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Atlanta's BABY BABY are the wildest new band in America


The Scene:
Momo's in Austin, TX
March 17th, 2011 - SxSW
Hosted by Midriff Records &
Liberty and Union Recording

The best live set I saw this year unfolded in Austin on St. Patrick's Day. A smoldering, wild, elastic band set delivered by Atlanta's Baby Baby - lingers with me still today. I was delivered on the steps of the Midriff Records / Liberty and Union showcase at Momo's at West 6th with considerable energy in the air. An unbelievable bill awaited: The Beatings, Baby Baby, Louder My Dear, These United States, Dallas Higgins, Eldridge Rodriguez, Kingsley Flood, Greg Lyon and Get Help. (Easily one of the best lineups I saw at the Festival this year.) The room would be completely lifted off its foundation, however when Baby Baby came out to play. By the end of the second song, the back of the room had emptied to the front and passerby had been drawn in from the street.

Seeing Fontez Brooks, Kyle Dobbs, Colin Boddyv and Grant Wallace explode (closest word to describe what I actually saw unfold) on stage was unbelievable. Fontez could be the best front man in Southern Indie Rock and to see him and Kyle cross axes during an exceptionally high-energy, high-kicking set will always remain with me. Grant devastates his drums. The crowd goes wild...

Baby Baby - On the Way Back from Austin, Baby Baby's Van bit the bullet. They have initiated a Kickstarter fan campaign to raise the $2K they need to kick off an East Coast Tour. (I will be bringing them to the Northeast to play some shows if this happens.) There are only five days left to donate. Please do!

Band News: May 21st, Baby Baby releases their new album, Money, which you can get for free by attending the show at the Drunken Unicorn with our old friends from Parachute Musical. The band is working with Director Terence Rushin now on their new music video for the track, "Kidz" (a song that celebrates the efforts of the underdog.) We can't think of a better song to help break this truly stellar live act into the big-time. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Baby Baby at Momo's in Austin - SxSW 2011

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