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confirmed at Smoke & Sand
Mar 19th - Austin, TX

It's Valentine's Day and I thought nothing I could say or do to share would be adequate. So this my frilly card to you readers and a fun announcement all wrapped up into one! The Wandas are our Artist of the Day. They've actually been one of my favorite acts for the last three years now - a deal, that was sealed, as it were with their jaw-dropping performance in Austin last year at SxSW. They just kicked ass. I actually went on to include that set amidst my favorite memories of 2010. Well, now I get to return the favor. We have confirmed The Wandas to play Smoke & Sand. Hundreds will be able to see their set - a really worthwhile experience and hopefully conclude, as I have, that this is one of the best live acts in the States right now. Sharp as a razor from three years of touring, The Wandas are a real treat. Come to our FREE SHOW in Austin this year to see them. Happy Valentine's Day. This is your treat from me.

The Wandas
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Unknown said…
Cool. This song actually kind of reminds me of "I just called to say I love you". :P

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