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A NEW STAR IS BORN - Waxing Poetic is what A&E writers do. I mean, isn't it? It's easy when you hear something remarkable and new and stop to realize you are amongst the first to hear something truly conversation-worthy. Really promising when it's happened twice and both times with the same exciting band. That's the case with Hands and Knees - their new album, Wholesome, follows up on an epic touring season behind incredible freshman effort Et Tu Fluffy? (That one, their first, was a critical success and helped make an already remarkable year for northeast indie record label: Midriff Records, the best music labels last year.

Some important things happen here: Hands and Knees have harnessed some of the unbridled energy remaining from their first effort and focused it creatively. (The songs are more restrained and the result is the songs retain more energy rather than releasing it.) The new recordings still exhibit the same warm, down-to-earth, feel. That's largely due to the fact that both records and the recently released Holiday track, "James Brown Died on Christmas," were recorded in guitarist Scott Hoffman’s studio in Shelburne Falls, MA.

Hands and Knees have crafted a new record that sounds as if it was drafted in different decades but on the same equipment. (Jangly guitar and sun-hazed glory of the 70s opposing the cool withdrawn pop of the 80s.) And throughout there are the recurrent indie rock and country leanings. This quartet are, ladies and gents, one of the best indie pop bands in the New England. Definitely One to Watch in 2011.

is available on 1/18/11.

Wholesome record release party
Jan 27th @ Great Scott
Hands and Knees
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The Fedavees

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9pm start // 18+ // $9

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