5 Best Live Acts: Heartless Bastards

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Heartless Bastards could be the best band going.
Dave Colvin on drums. Erika Wennerstrom in foreground.

One of the best bands in America right now! Get familiar with this band as soon as possible. HB's latest effort, The Mountain ranked amongst the creme de la creme of the Ryan's Smashing Life 2009 Best Albums List. Having seen the band several times over the last few years (every chance I get, in fact,) I was delighted to learn their were playing a series of shows with the touring Wolfmother. And play they did, upstaging their more famous tour mates on the stage of the House of Blues Boston. The photos used in this piece were taken by 5342 Studios at the legendary Middle East in Cambridge, MA. [full photo album] We encourage you to collect your own live memories of this standout band sometime in the year ahead. Heartless Bastards rock!

Erika Wennerstrom

Heartless Bastards
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PGYx said…
Love this band and the photo of Wennerstrom captures her energy in a way that defies description!

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