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A BEST OF 2010 SELECTION - It would have been perfectly reasonable for Midriff Records to take an off-year in 2010. (The NY/Boston label had one of the most successful years of any small label in recent memory. At worst, this winning sequence of albums shows Midriff is a good judge of character.)

Get Possessed by Poughkeepsie

Greg Lyon - Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie

Today the label wins again, celebrating the promising release of Greg Lyon's Nowhere Near Poughkeepsie, a stirring series of songs that surpass all reasonable expectations for the reserved Lyon - a stalwart of the Boston scene who has made a career of quietly supporting others. As a member of New England live legends The Beatings, Lyon has shown but one side of himself. Here and now, Lyon has chosen to step out into the light. And in doing so, we all have a chance to celebrate this music. Tirelessly, Lyon finds himself (on the day of his record release), across town with The Beatings as they record their new music video. When you're on a roll, you're on a roll.

[Grade: A- "Buy It!"]

Greg Lyon
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