The 5 Best Live Acts in America: Langhorne Slim

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SIMPLY THE BEST - Having seen Langhorne Slim drop jaws has been an interesting hobby of mine the last three years. During that span I have seen the man mesmerize audiences regardless of size and venue. By the time the night is through, strangers are friends and everyone has an album under their arm and a story to tell. There is little more important than a musician taking up his own story and blending it with the collective narrative of his peers. No one does this better than Langhorne. He's an interesting mash of old and new and that signature quality shines through in his songs.

Playing behind the winning Be Set Free record, Langhorne Slim is now jamming with backing act The Law after breaking out with The War Eagles who kicked things off for me with the man's eponymous label debut in 2008. (That record is one of my favorites of all time - and made me a diehard fan.) As good as the recorded material is, theres something magical about the performances - the written character lifts off the page and lights the room on fire. Do yourself a serious favor and catch this sensational live act on the road in 2011.

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Langhorne Slim & the War Eagles at TT the Bears - 10/17/09

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jesselun said…
I couldn't agree more...Slim is one of the best without doubt
Anonymous said…
melodically too cheesy for my taste.
Anonymous said…
he totally butchered the national anthem at a Phillies game.
Ryan Spaulding said…
a lot of people have screwed up the National Anthem before. Hardly disqualifies him from the accolades of performing his own music in front of rabid new fans.
Josiah said…
way to have the balls to leave your name when u try to criticize an artist u have never seen play a show. if u think his lyrics are cheesy, listen to his new song "Past Lives." I saw him at the Union Transfer earlier this month and he put on one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen.

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