Music for Billy Ruane

the Character of Music
RIP Billy Ruane
Veteran Music Promoter, Boston Legend

Wednesday Night 11/17/10
Middle East / TT the Bears
2 Venues - Cambridge, MA

Billy Ruane at the Paradise for Buffalo Tom on 6/11/10

Modest Mouse - People As Places As People

CHAMPION OF THE SCENE - I saw more than just one stage get stormed by the recently departed Billy Ruane since I moved to Boston, and it's a pity that Billy's going to miss the birthday shows in his honor this Wednesday - these are the big-name loud rocking emotional gigs that Billy would be sure to attend. He was a barometer for the scene and a huge supporter of musicians. He helped make lasting memories for generations of concert-attending kids and longtime scenesters. [Quality Read from the Boston Globe ~ ed.]

EVERYBODY'S GOT A STORY - Having sat down with Ruane for drinks just a few weeks ago, I find myself looking back on that night in a new light. While a bit clouded by booze, my thoughts of Billy from that night remain centered on his unbridled enthusiasm (about everything we talked about.) He was buying the drinks. "Just one more," he said, without expectation. Then he would find a reason for that drink. He then sealed the deal by mentioning something anecdotal but important that before I knew it we were half through the next. Good times. The stories, like mine - and others who knew him better, go on and one and.... [More thoughts on Billy Ruane from the Herald and a terrific piece from Bradley's Almanac ~ ed.]

An Epic Night of Music
Performances at 2 Venues:

the Middle East
472 Mass Ave in Cambridge - tickets

7:00: Drew O'Doherty
7:15: Eric Martin
7:30: Rockin Bob Cenci
7:45: Randy Black
8:00: Linda Viens and Catherine Coleman
8:15: Jimmy Ryan and Sean Staples
8:30: Joe Harvard
8:45: Willie Alexander
9:00: Chris Brokaw
9:15: Hilken Mancini and Thalia Zedek
9:30: Reid Paley
9:45: Pat Mc Grath, Stephen Fredette, Peter Wolf
10:15: Michael Patrick Macdonald (speaking) and Billy stories/roast
10:45: Slideshow
11:00: Tanya Donnely and Skeggy Kendall
11:20: Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents
11:35: Buffalo Tom
12:00: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
12:20:Closing song, everyone on stage

TT the Bears Place
10 Brookline St. in Cambridge - tickets

7:00-7:10 Emily Forsythe
7:20-7:30 Nina Violet
7:40-7:50 Fred the Donkey
8:00-8:10 The Raging teens
8:20-8:30 Belle and the Bees
8:40-8:50 Drug Rug
9:00-9:20 SLIDESHOW plus possible speakers
9:25-9:40 The Neighborhoods
9:50-10:20 Chris Mills
10:30-11:30 John Langford
11:40-11:50 Hallelujah The Hills
12:00-12:10 Banditas
12:20 Frank Morey


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