Big Boys don't Cry

Songs To Help You Through
Today is a Tough Day for Somebody

SPORTS! - So long-time readers know I'm a nutty sports fan as well as a student of all things music. And, I've got that sense of humor that won't quit either. Please enjoy the track (The Black Keys are my current pick for band of the year. And this record helped me unwind today. Two winning elements.) The reason for the T.O "Cry Baby" photo? I just drafted my first fantasy football team of 2010. My team is going to kick ass - and I don't just say that because I nabbed Tennessee RB Chris Johnson...

Cowboy fans, you may be free of Terrell Owens' emotional destruction (photo above) - but it's a long way until your franchise earns that elusive 2nd playoff win in the last 13 years... Yeah, I know it's cold. But, big boys don't cry.


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