Kitchen Sessions :: John Shade

The Kitchen Sessions:
video by Steve Legare
photo by 5342 Studios

John Shade & the Neave String Quartet

Kitchen Session live photos by 5342 Studios

from 2010's All You Love is Need

Kitchen Sessions is a new project launched by our resident videographer, Steve Legare, allowing musicians to play small, intimate settings and offer the video up to the world.

Today we return to the Kitchen, or the rooftop as it were, to bring you a completely unique video performance from New England's John Shade and the Neave String Quartet. The band expertly performed a handful of songs from Shade's incredible new EP, All You Love is Need. It was a scorching hot spring day and the music was even hotter. We recommend you catch Shade and the Quarter in the days and weeks ahead as this is one band at the very top of their game!

The Kitchen Sessions


RSL Streaming Photo Album
Kitchen Session with John Shade

Kingdom Come

Coming Up!

John Shade solo
w/ Ryan Lee Crosby (*rsl)

Thurs, June 24th
at The Rosebud - Somerville, MA

John Shade & the Neave String Quartet
Weds, July 7th at The Lizard Lounge

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