Boston's Ryan Lee Crosby

New Material and Live Appearance Tonight!
Boston has become a city of great live performers the last few years. The singer-songwriter genre certainly has not been ignored. The talented Ryan Lee Crosby is one of a handful of folk / anti-folk performers in the city performing (singing their hearts out, really) before small audiences in need of good, intimate entertainment. The singer's tales are honest, heartfelt affairs that reach out to listeners.

Ryan Lee Crosby

For his part, Crosby has been prolifically churning out good work (Ryan Lee Crosby: There Is No Music - 2007) in addition to self-releasing materials. This month he self-released a book and EP album, Return of the Invisible Man, and now has a number of songs from his forthcoming LP, Out to Dry to perform for audiences. Tonight in Cambridge, Ryan Lee performs with Kingsley Flood at ZuZu for an evening set. Get your holiday shopping done then head on over - the music starts at 10 pm.


An Old Favorite:
Obey Me

Ryan Lee Crosby


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