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New England Export to Rock the South - I couldn't be happier tonight to throw our name into the ring for a musician we find it very easy to believe in. Indie Rock Everyman Leo Blais is an emerging musician you are going to love. Without even realizing it, most of New England probably already knows this guy already. The amiable Blais is the spotlight artist for the new Dunkin Donuts coffee chain here. (For you readers catching us from elsewhere, here's what Boston already knows, by heart...

Leo Blais - Show Me Love
New! The Dunkin Donuts theme

HEART ON HIS SLEEVE - Blais, who is also a multimedia artist, is one of the most friendly, positive musicians we have ever met. He has 3 confirmed Austin dates, but something tells us he'll end up all over Austin, TX by week's end -- pressing the flesh and making new fans. If you can't make it to one of his show, please do yourself a favor and head over to his website or itunes page. There you can stream and download songs.

Our prediction is that things will just keep getting better for Blais as his clever roots self-promotion, fun songwriting and quirky style will bring listeners to his door. Leo, we'll see you in Austin. Kick some Ass for the little guy!

from Leo Blais on Vimeo.

March 17th - SxSW
Electric Western Records
& Teaparty Boston Party

(Hole in the Wall 3:30pm)

March 18th - SxSW
Maria Maria (Noon free show)
March 20th - SxSW
Maria Maria (2:30pm - free show)
March 22nd - Dallas, TX
Opening Bell Coffee - 7:30pm
March 23rd - Ft. Worth, TX
The Aardvark - 9:00pm
March 25th - Kansas City, KS
The Riot Room
March 26th - St. Louis, MO
KDHX In-Studio

March 27th - St. Louis, MO
Off Broadway
March 30th - Chicago, IL
The Elbo Room
April 1st - Columbus, OH
The Old Bag of Nails
April 2nd - Cleveland, OH
April 7th - Boston - MA
Great Scott with Rocky Votolato

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Anonymous said…
So good! America runs on Leo!!!
Anonymous said…
Leo and his band are awesome! If you get a chance to see these guys it's beautiful, and rocks!!!! The shows are alway's packed and Leo is always there to talk with you after the show.
Jimmy C. said…
I got to see Leo with Dave Brophy on drums and Jay Rice on bass once at the Middle East. Great players, everyone that backs up Leo in his band rock the house! Do you have anymore video's from that night????

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