Cellar Series is Scary Good

LIVE from the "Cellar Series"

Lon Chaney as the Wolfman

THE NEW BASEMENT TAPES - Boston's Ian Adams (RSL Best of 2009 Artist Selection) is casting a spell of wonder once again. In addition to his wicked album, Stay Up Late, Ian has proven to be an avid video editor. He surprised many including his label (Midriff Records) in December, releasing a self-produced music video for the album's title track. (Nobody knew this one was coming.)

Now Adams, or E as he is known by friends and foes alike, is unveiling some fun clips for fans. The "Cellar Series" videos are collection of self-recorded and edited videos of Ian playing songs in the jumbled, bizzaro basement of his old house. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Michael Jackson's ghost - or some other specter down there. The setting is perfect for the oft-spooky-themed songs from Adams. (Love songs sung between monsters, revelations of misunderstood killers and beautiful freaks are all par for the course. Shiver!)

Sign up at Ian Adams' YouTube page so you will know when any clips are added. This is Upside Down Stars and Someday.


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