Photos - Nitzer Ebb at the Paradise

Photographic Evidence
by Marc Beaulieu

The Paradise Boston, MA - 12/3/09

Nitzer Ebb's Douglas McCarthy struts on stage

NITZER EBB AT THE DISE - When it was finally time to play, the band filed-out one at a time with a blue haze of light drenching the stage at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. When Douglas McCarthy finally appeared the show launched very quickly into a fury of four-on-the-floor beats that made you want to move.

McCarthy’s voice ached and screamed lyrics that mesmerized you for the entire show. They played all the tracks from their latest release, Industrial Complex, their first new material in almost 15 years. As McCarthy held up the front by strutting across the stage back-and-forth all night, Bon Harris held his own covering vocals, triggered electronic percussion, floor tom, cymbal and MalletKat (an electronic version of a mallet keyboard like a marimba or xylophone). Jason Payne has stepped in as the band’s new live drummer and he alternated between playing sitting down and standing up while playing electronic pads.

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Nitzer Ebb at The Paradise Boston 12-3-09

Nitzer Ebb started in 1983 and were pioneers in the genre called EBM, which stands for Electronic Body Music; a phrase coined by Kraftwerk member, Ralf Hutter.

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DJ Brian L. said…
Great pics. Glad to see Nitzer Ebb getting some love. One of the true pioneers of EBM in the 80s (alongside Belgium's Front 242.) One correction though, as the band did not, in fact, play all of "Industrial Complex." The set was a good balance of newer material from that album as well as classics spanning their entire career.

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