Toxicity Completely Man-Handled by 3 Ladies

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rock drummer Meytal Cohen

About a week ago, I wanted to look into doing a piece on Israeli rock drummer Meytal Cohen. (She's crazy good.) In doing my research, I found Cohen's myspace page which then lead me to today's spotlight video - which is hosted from Cohen's own YouTube page.

In this shot - 3 very talented women: Meytal on drums with Jennifer Lynn and Christine Wu on Electric Violin. Together they perform one of the most remarkable covers we have heard in ages. Here are three very talented women covering Toxicity by System of a Down.

No guitar or bass were harmed in this video. They just weren't used! Sorry Israel, Meytal Cohen has located to Los Angeles to pursue her promising career in music.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
The daughter of Jacob is awesome. I know because I play the drums also. She has a GOD given talent.

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