"Slow Jack" from Boston's St. Helena

GOING OUT BOSTON: One of Boston's brightest indie stars will shine brightly this Saturday. The re-emergence of St. Helana led by Patrick Teahan and a new lineup, will release a simply magical new EP titled, Slow Jack, and will perform those songs before a live audience in Cambridge!

Boston's St. Helena
Someone you Should Know in '09

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St Helena - Fortune Cookie

The SAINT OF LOST CAUSES... That's St. Helena's claim to fame and her historic lot in life. An odd choice for a band that seems to have so much going for them. Founded in 2006 by Teahan, the band found a measure of success from fans who demanded airplay for songs from Happy, the band's first EP. The current line-up of St. Helena has Patrick on vocals and guitar, with Chaetan Newell joining him on guitar, Keith Wales on bass, and Shawn King Devlin, St. Helena’s very talented drummer, keeps them all on track. Magen Tracy is keyboards, and is Patrick's singing partner. St Helena is looking forward to what 2009 brings. If these new songs are any indicator, I would say St. Helena has a very bright future!

RECORD RELEASE PARTY: The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge (3/28). 4 Bands
BOSTON's 88.9 fm :: The band will be a guest on WERS radio's Local Music Week on Monday.

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Awesome song.

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