SNEAK PEAK - Boston's House of Blues in Pictures!

THE MYSTERY & THE WAIT ARE OVER: The New House of Blues Boston is Unleashed! Special Thanks to Bostonist (a must-read, people!) for giving us this cool look at some of the spaces and rooms (photographic evidence!) from inside The World's newest House of Blues. Once a dance and performance super-structure of connected clubs, the new HoB will allow for some adjustments in size as required by demand.

We are ticketholders too and we are hoping that the spate of upcoming live shows planned produces good results. (We are also hoping that the HoB generates new audiences and doesn't end up simply stealing the door from the smaller sites we know and love!) At any rate - here is what our friends at Bostonist have up for PIX!


Unknown said…
The pictures are cool, but I would have liked to see the live music hall area instead of the Foundation Room which most of us will never see. Look up how much it costs to be a member of the Foundation ($thousands) and you'll quickly realise that it's out of the reach of most.

However, the collection of outsider art is phenomenal! Top quality and representing a wide range of fantastic art!
Ryan Spaulding said…
Night One Results? Not so Good, Says Bostonist.

Note to "House" planners (Live Nation et al.)... We appreciate your effort to create hype - but don't invite 4X the amount of people that you can actually accept in! Lesson learned, we hope. (Straighten this all this out before Flogging Molly plays the HoB in March. The RSL will be there!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this.

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