Music used during Sports Advertising this Week

Another Winter Sunday in New England... The Patriots scored a win but our football postseason hopes are over. (Thanks very much to that overpaid and over-hyped Jets QB and all-around loser Brett Favre for throwing interception after interception and killing our chances.... ) Yes, I know - you can't depend on somebody else's results to get yourself into the postseason. (It was our division losses that really cost us the season.) Either way, the team performed remarkably well after losing the best quarterback of the modern era and a number of his teammates.

The real reason for today's post is to discuss music.

The money being spent on music-related advertising during big-ticket events (namely sporting events and prime-time television) is unprecedented these days. And no, I am not talking about ads for the Ipod. (Although whoever is picking the artists and songs over at Apple seriously deserves an award...!) What I am writing about today is the current trend to use the songs from indie bands and throwbacks to sell your product.

Here are two notables from this week:

Modern English sells Chocolate these days

Modern English - I'll Stop the World and Melt with You

On Sunday - I heard Modern English peddle Hershey Bars and Rockwell (and Michael Jackson) dished for Geico.

One of the weirdest commercials:
Rockwell sings for Geico.
Yes, it's a pile of money with eyes.

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Rockwell recorded this song in 1984 with Michael Jackson and his brother Jermaine, who lend rare guest vocals, creating this hit song.

What are your favorite songs being used in commercials right now?


Justin Snow said…
Not too old but also not too recent was that Cadillac commercial that had Hum's "Stars" in it. Not too shabby.

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