GNR "cover band" Mr. Brownstone will raise Letterman's roof!


GNR - All the Rock, None of the Crap

I don't like Guns n Roses anymore, but I sure do love the way that band sounded 20 years ago. Like a lot of American males in the 24 - 36 age bracket - I had a healthy love for the band in the 1980s and well into the next decade.

A full ten years since Axl Rose promised the world his masterpiece, Chinese Democracy, the album will actually be unleashed (remember the hype about all the leaks a few weeks back?) - but there's something stale about all these recent rock n roll comebacks - We want to remember the music for what it was (and no, I do not mean the Spagetti Incident record. I'm talking Appetite for Destruction, GN'R Lies and Use Your Illusion. And that's exactly why we are all over Mr. Brownstone, the world's premiere GNR cover band - who will take over David Letterman's stage tonight before a worldwide studio audience.

Axl take note: MR. BROWNSTONE is the REAL THING

I would rather see Mr. Brownstone play on stage, rather than pay through the teeth to get a glimpse of a played-out, overpaid and less than interested Axl Rose take the stage in some sold-out stadium somewhere. We aren't the only ones giving this band Much Love - tonight's show was hyped in Brooklyn Vegan too. The band is doing something right!

Filmed Live at the Paradise (rafters shot) Boston

For eight long years now, Mr. Brownstone has been the best Guns N Roses band in the world. And many would agree they still are. They have played Boston dozens of times and they are top quality musicians in their own right. (The band includes members of Takka Takka, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Boston's own Dave Godowski of The Dave Godowski Band.)

MR. Brownstone - Memories Video

New Yorkers rejoice, you get a chance to check out this kick-ass live band coming up in just a few days. Mr. Brownstone will play Irving Plaza on the 28th. If you can, be there! (Tickets)

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Hope the label doesn't come after you for the post. I gave GNR a glowing write-up and received a Cease and Desist Letter from the label. I wrote a letter to the industry and hope people read it and pass it on.
Ryan Spaulding said…
YouTube video of the performance is up, but we doubt it will last long.....

Mr Brownstone on Letterman

Worth the watch - there seems to be an audio issue later in the clip.

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