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A musical movement is underway and gaining momentum in Ireland and it goes by the name: ANGEL PIER. In the past, we have been kind of sweet on this band but their sound is getting better by leaps and bounds these days. ("Really guys, good show!") And, we are happy to relay that others (finally!) beginning to notice of their talent!

With the 2008 release of the band's sensational Sacrifice EP, we are falling head over heels yet again for Angel Pier's unique brand of pop-powered indie rock acrobatics. And with good reason, this EP is one of the best releases of the year! Highly recommended!


One of the Best Sounds of 2008

Angel Pier is Darragh Nolan, Luke Paluch, Vinny Redmond, and Mark Colbert.

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Wow, I'm hooked. Sounds great.
Is the EP out in the states yet?

Evil Speakers
Anonymous said…
This is a great band. I saw them at SXSW this year. Brilliant stuff. Smart and melodic!
mp3hugger said…
Not only that but they are the nicest lads you could meet also. Fingers crossed they make it big.

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