Bob Marley and the Wailers in California - Halloween 1973

Resurrected by Request!

A Superb Wailers Recording -
Soundboard Quality from 1973

Rare Performance:
The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA on Halloween 1973.

THIS REMARKABLE SHOW is set during the the Wailer's 1973 Burnin' album tour through the States. It's a very special time for the group - there is exciting new material to perform and America is paying close attention.

The Wailers had a rotating, changing line-up. This Tour marks the last appearance of what is widely considered to be the best Wailers line-up.

Pete Tosh
and Bunny "Wailer" Livingston will soon leave the group to work on their solo albums, little did anyone know it but this fact would make the moment of this show the best ever manifestation of the Wailers. This must-have recording is unbelievably still unavailable commercially. The show unfolds during the remarkable turning point in America's love affair for Bob Marley. The world-wide Reggae revolution would follow.

Bob Marley in 1973: photo by Gary Merrin.


Anonymous said…
Nice post mang. Gotta love those quality live recordings.

For any reggae heads: I just finished some reggae themed wallpapers. Peep them here:

*scroll down a bit :D

Unknown said…
great post man. I grabbed it from you, since I've got it on a data disc somewhere... I just wanted to mention that this show is documented on the album "Talking Blues" with interview footage shamefully spliced in between songs.... don't know if it is still commercially available. I had it on cassette about 12-13 years ago. Cheers, RSL

Jameson from R.I.

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