Brian Jonestown Massacre's latest: My Bloody Underground

They Reviewed It - I went straight out and Bought It

FILTER reviews "My Bloody Underground"

A new album from the Brian Jonestown Massacre

The dark iconic genius Anton Newcombe and Brian Jonestown Massacre released their 13th album less than a week ago. Despite being an interested party in BJM's music over the years, I have somehow managed to not pick up either of the Massacre's last two releases. So it was of great interest to me to hear that Newcombe was working on a new project and it was getting high praise (reportedly some of BJM's best work in years). I read about My Bloody Underground in Filter magazine yesterday (the April 25th issue) and went out and immediately picked it up.

My Bloody Underground


"Anton Newcombe is a frightening bat-shit genius. On its 13th album, Newcombe's Brian Jonestown Massacre has found a way to weave the frightening (literally scary; not 'he's-so-good') to make an album of dreadful density and substantial worth. BJM's modus operandi has always been to grab genres, extract the essential marrow, and then release a lo-fi album that is frightfully competent in terms of, or superior to, its influences. The title references My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain ('My Little Underground') and these influences appear with astute and buzzing accuracy. But instead of just reproducing the bliss of the former, or the too-cool screed of the later, My Bloody Underground weaves these sounds into a series of dark, fly-buzz near instrumentals, utilizing Newcombe's immense facility with drone-centered Indian music, psychedelia, and tape loops... This album is impossible to turn off." - SAM ROUDMAN, FILTER

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bring Me The Head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs on the White House)

yes, this is the actual song title.
no, it has nothing at all to do with the actual song.

Anton Newcombe of the BJM

Newcombe isn't well liked but he is widely respected

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
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Anonymous said…
Did you listen to this record? It's horrible! Tape loops, droning guitars and childish lyrics.Meth induced bullocks!Some of the worst Brian Jonestown Massacre EVER!!!And These guys are probobly my favorite band.(used to be!)They were soooooooo good in the 90's!
Ryan Spaulding said…
Wow - so harsh! Actually, I am inclined to agree with the Filter review. I thoroughly enjoy the record for its many high points. It's a sonic joyride - and not preachy (there are very few lyrics, actually.) The droning guitars are quite intentional and different in a good way. The only fault I could find with the album as a whole is its disjointed flow. (track-to-track, the thing tends to jump about). But, the songs are long enough for most listeners to get lost allowing listeners to forgive the disharmonious breaks between tracks.
Anonymous said…
That track's all right. I like the droney buzzing guitars, but it's just another example of a BJM song that is comprised of just one idea for 6-7 minutes.
clawsandteeth said…
Anton ftw!
Album is great.

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