Led Zeppelin

Dear Led Zeppelin,
Just wondering how you are. Please play some more shows soon.

Still no "official" word from the powers that be concerning a 2008 Led Zeppelin world tour - but there certainly lots of rumors. (See: The official Zep fan forum for the latest US tour rumors in 2008.) Ian Astbury, the singer for the Cult, also let the bag out of the cat a few weeks ago that his band was opening for Led Zeppelin. I wonder if that hurt his band's chances...? Here are photos and a few words about the reunion show in December.

Robert Plant at the Hyatt Los Angeles in 1975. photo by Peter Simon

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same
Live in Long Beach,CA - March 11, 1975

So with this song post ... I have gone ahead and republished the really great live Led Zeppelin show recorded in Long Beach, CA in March of 1975. A lot of you downloaded it already, but others still have not. I get a handful of emails each week and I want to help those people out as well. Can't guarantee it will be up for too long since every time I do it results in an unholy assault on my bandwidth limits for the month. I will keep it up as long as I can.

The Link to the Show in its Entirety -
Led Zeppelin live in 1975


bobby said…
Thank you for the Zeppelin concert, no better band before or since than the mighty Led Zeppelin.

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