Ween's Funky Rock Stanks Up Boston

I embark on a new musical journey tonight. I leave the norm and jump on the fantasy ship - the U.S.S. Ween - it should be quite a ride! Never having attended a Ween show and not being very familiar with their music - I nevertheless accepted an offer from a friend to attend an evening of unique creativity and musical madness at the Orpheum!

Ween rolls into Boston tonight!

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Anonymous said…
How was the show? I've seen them over the years and always had a good time and was bummed I didn't attend. I actually walked right past the orpheum last night and was tempted but alas, the lady gave the ax. Unless you have a special girl by your side, Ween isn't for the average female.
Ryan Spaulding said…
The show was stellar! I want to devote some more time to this and the new material they performed stay tuned... I will be topping My Best Albums of 2007 list off and you can bet that the new Ween record makes the cut!
Anonymous said…
I love ween and have attended dozens of shows over the last 15 years. The Orpheum show was easily the worst I have been to. First of all, never see Ween in a seated venue (& The Orpheum seats suck. I'm 6'2, my knees hit the chairs in front of me, shoulder to sweaty shoulder on each side) . In Deaner's Tour Diary he said all the worst shows of that tour were at seated theatres and they would not be booking any more. That being said...the shitty seats, the "no alcohol" beyond the doors [where the show was], the security guards patrolling up and down the halls W/flash lights ready to escort anyone they could out [I saw at least 5 people removed for having cameras, straying too far from their designated squares or complaing about the flashlights in their eyes, AND FOR SOME REASON, there was a TERRIBLE vibe in there. I saw three fights in the lobby-call in more police. Oh ya, you could step outside for a smoke, if you wanted to be locked out for the rest of the show. People were bullshit, and the Band could tell. Energy sucked on both sides. They looked tired and ready to get the fuck out of Boston. Sorry it was your first show, glad you managed to enjoy it. WEEN RULES...FUCK THE ORPHEUM!
Ryan Spaulding said…
I'll be the first to admit that the Orpheum takes on acts that don't really belong there. It happens all over the country as old theatre venues reinvent themselves as live music venues in the name of survival.

Sorry it was a bummer for you - but I know for a fact that a lot of people had a great time.

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