Song of the Day - DONKEY KONG

Coming Soon: I have a handful of show reviews coming up, new albums to rate for you and a couple of rare live recordings. Come on back tomorrow. I am working on something big but am pretty much taking the day off from significant posts. (By the way, enter my free album giveaway!)

I do have an exceptional song to share with you today. Portland's Another Cynthia is one of my favorite bands in the country. In 2006 I named their self-titled debut CD as my dark horse candidate for album of the year.

(Here is a list of the Best of 2006 - Get 'em while you still can!)

Right now Another Cynthia is working hard to finish a new album. They recently sent me some demos, which I have been sworn to not share - so I won't. Just know that things are only sounding better in the future. Today's Artist of the Day is Another Cynthia. From their album last year, comes the song: "Donkey Kong."


Another Cynthia with "DONKEY KONG"

Highly Recommended -
Another Cynthia - Donkey Kong

Like What You Hear? Pick Up the Album!
Another Cynthia on Myspace


PGYx said…
This is hands-down my favorite song from your excellent 2006 song list. Can't wait to hear the new material and see these guys play live!

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